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Stash tabs categories are merging together


I have a problem with my stash. The categories are “merging” together.

I tried to empty the stash, delete the categories which had merged and create new categories, but the problem keep happening, even after reinstalling the game. (I also think I have deleted a stash during the process !).

Is anyone of you experience the same problem ? All advice welcome.

Have a good day.

PS : some people seemed to have the same problem but I didn’t see any relevant answer :

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

(ps. your link goes to another page on this forum via steam forums - sort of a there and back to see how far it is)…

The problem that you describe and reference in the thread unfortunately has no in-game resolution and might never have one (my opinion). The devs will likely prevent the issue from happening in the first place but I do not think that they will be able to add something in-game to retroactively fix what is essentially a corrupted stash.

As of this moment, the only way to address the issue (as per the thread you linked to) is to manually edit the Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta file and correct the corruption (usually related to missing/duplicated categoryId & tabId links at the end of the file). While its just a text file to edit, it does require a little knowledge of general data concepts.

Alternatively, you could delete the stash file entirely and let the game create a new empty one (obviously this would lose anything you have in stash/shards/gold etc).

If you attempt to do anything, make sure you backup things first incase you take it too far.

Reinstalling LE will have no affect on this issue as it doesnt replace the savegames or stash file on your system.

(Edit. if you use Steam Cloud saves, be sure to disable it while you do these changes to prevent it attempting to update the wrong things).

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I don’t mind much about losing some items but I want to rule out the problem before to play again.

I will test your method. Have a good day.

Good luck… :wink:

Not many people have this issue - I havent in 1500h of play with over 100 stash tabs/categories… (Touch wood)… but then I am fairly careful when I organise things and I make regular file backups so if anything does go wrong I can just revert back… So you should be fine and the devs will eventually stop this from happening…

Luck was indeed needed !
I tried a lot of things, and after having completely deleted the part about categories’ name and reassigned all tabs to category 0 (General) it seems to work. I even recovered my lost stash, which was still assigned to a categorie I had deleted.

Thanks again for your help.