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Stash Tabs Bug

When im trying to select a single tab it auto selects mutliple at the same time and merges them all together, on top of that a page with Uniques that i had is missing, i had calamity and other legendaries that i farmed and the page is completly gone.

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Is there any way that you can post a screenshot (use imgur and link it back here).

Are you sure you are not confusing categories and tabs? This does sometimes happen with new users…

I guess we are having the same bug here, so i made a video:

I have 5 categories, but all my tabs have merged into two of them and 2 are empty now, can’t move tabs to other categories.

Looks like this is happening to a few people…


The thing is that i also lost a page, and it was full with legendaries, not sure if it was deleted or just hiden because of the bug, but thats really disappointing… :frowning: I wonder if a dev could look into this so i dont lose my items.

Hey… Check the other thread… a few people have posted and have been able to replicate the problem… None have mentioned that they lot a tab with items tho…

Please refer to this thread about: Stash tabs merged/bugged (video) - #9 by Vincto