Stash Tab Pricing

I admit I’m a bit of a hoarder, but with the growing # of uniques and the existence of LP, I’ve reached the point where each new tab is >500k apiece. Tabs are now the #1 reason why I can’t have fun in lightless arbor, as all my gold is being poured into tabs.

Some suggestions, many of which have been proposed before:

  • Adjust the stash tab pricing formula.
  • Increase the size of each tab.
  • Introduce dedicated uniques tab like PoE
  • Let alts reaching some level threshold (ie 80 or 90) roll back some of the stash tab cost incrementally, or even grant a free tab.

May I ask how much tabs you have at the moment?

I’ll just leave it here, especially the OP’s edit from this link about increasing each tab size to fit all possible item combinations which every cell in my body approves of. For the devs to see.

As for the topic itself, I kinda share the same sentiment when it comes to Lightless Arbor. I’d rather just save it for stash tabs. And if the devs are going to implement something like PoE style stash tabs, I hope it’s not something to be paid with real money. But that’s just me.

76th Stash Tab price just for reference.

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It does not stop! Pls help 15 chars(90+) and more on the way with new classes.

A few patches ago I started selling/breaking exalted regen mod items, now I’m using regen on my Ice lightning wolves beastmaster and regret so much.

I mean, you’re definitely holding onto to much if you’re outpacing the stash tab gold cost. You can still buy more stash tabs, so I wouldn’t call it a problem. I do think however they should change the number of grid squares in a stash tab to be a multiple of 1, 2, 3, and 4. So 24 if possible, just because I find it annoying that 4 tall, 3 tall, and 2 tall items don’t fit in the 17 tall grid we have.


I have to agree, I stopped buying at 100k. I just shattered my items.

I cannot even imagine going to 500 or 700k for a stash tab.

I like some of the suggestions above. Increase the size or lower the price.

This is my biggest annoyance of all with the stash tabs. Not being able to have a stash tab that has only 1x4 or 2x2, etc. in it just frustrates me.


500k? Well that’s little ^^.

I changed my hoarding ways. Every char gets 3 tabs. Idols per base class get one tab. Uniques ith 2+ LP as many tabs as needed. 1 tab for keys and crap.

That’s it. Everything I don’t use or don’t need gets shattered or thrown away.

I’m going to suggest an option #5:

  • stop hoarding as much.

It’s a preference thing and for those of us wanting to min max, it can cause a problem by not having enough space. I personally have 4 level 70+ characters this season and want to start a 5th, but with the tabs being 240K now is prohibiting that.

I’m at the exact same scenario as you with around 290k stash tabs and 4 characters (100, 80, 78, 70). If I wanted I could probably get about 5-6 stash tabs of mine completely empty by selling uniques I’ll never use and cleaning up exalted tabs. I think the price could come down easily since it’s digital real estate but I don’t think it’s that much of a concern that it would make me feel inclined to switch to MG.

Really? I don’t see how anyone wanting to min-max would have any problems with that, specially because they wouldn’t ever be holding to 0-2LP uniques, or any non-exalted items.

Most people complaining about this just want to keep trash in their trunk (dunno why, but my guess it’s laziness to setup a proper filter, then evaluate what drops), as being proven over and over by every new entry on this topic, without considering stash tabs are supposed to be always more difficult to acquire, since more tabs across all players equals less server performance in the long run.

Just throw away the garbage, seriously.

Being a hoarder is part of the fun for many people, and to a large extent for me. It has nothing to do with laziness, etc. If you see how everything is organized and arranged … you would understand this!


I would be very careful with this kind of statement.

All your character gear, all the stats on your gear. All of that is just digital real estate to some degree.

This kind of changes can very quickly turn into just moving goal posts.
A game often is more defined by how it restricts you, then what it offers you.
Limitation is what makes a lot of these systems meaningful and thus “fun” in the long term.

My stash tabs were pretty meaingful and I like that, but I also like to pick up a lot. But you need to find a balance.In the 200-400k price range it took me the time to play to fill one stash tabs full fo exalts to earn than much money, it was a realyl ncie cadence.

I did need to adjust a bit, but that is ok.

A lot of exalted items, when they drop are not quite how you can see them being usefull enough and then I slam a couple fo Glyphs of Chaos, Glyph of Despair or Rune of Removals on them. If the crafts “fail” I just throw them away. Some exalted items I don’t even show/pick up at all.

Since people love to compare this game to “buying a car” or something, imma do this too:

Imagine you own a house and you love to collect everything you find in the streets, even if it’s complete utter garbage you’ll never use… After sometime your house is filled with trash without barely any room left and you decide you have to spend all money you have saved to buy a new house just so you can keep hoarding. Now you lack money for food and bills, but you got that new house full of space you can fill with yet more trash. Somehow you claim it’s the guy who sold you the house fault that you are now broke and starving…

Oh well, sounds like the exact same issue people are facing when describing their experiences here.

PS: by definition, being a hoarder is mutually exclusive with being neat and organized, so…

I strongly disagree. I’m far from a hoarder in RL. but being a hoarder in a game (where that’s the main thing) is different thing.

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They have in mind to cut it by roughly 50% cost. So that’s already good.

Would enjoy that, the option to change a tab-type freely unless something’s inside. Very good suggestion. Would be good for the future blessing itemization coming up as well, also keys, also set items.

Lightless Arbor has become utterly useless with CoF and MG being implemented. CoF drops too much to keep pace with tabs by design and MG needs the gold for trading.

My system is:
1 dump tab
1 set tab
1 key tab
2 unsorted idol tabs (since those clutter tons)
Tabs for T7 or better exalted items. (4 currently)
Tabs for experimental items (2 currently)
Legendary crafted items.
Weaver items.
Unique collection (currently at 9 tabs without doubles)
LP tabs for double uniques with them (I have 6)
Finished crafted exalted items
Build specific tabs so I can switch inside masteries (we only have 25 character spaces, 15 masteries, leaves not much for build variety beyond the basic, currently 22 builds so 22 tabs)
Tabs for multiples of much-used idols (variants of % health with the respective resistances, vitality ones, crit multi ones, ward retention, armor ones… 8 tabs)
Since I’m MG I have also sale tabs for items with rare exalted affixes or quadruple T5 or otherwise ‘perfected’ items since they’re valuable (4)

And I’m holding back my loot-goblin tendencies, but those simply help me make characters in a reasonable way. The stash gets expensive to expand after a threshold, you’ll outpace it if you’re deeper into the game definitely. Gold is never enough and invalidates all mechanics outside of MG and Stash expansion if you get that far.

Would be very nice.

Your argument makes no sense to me :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I don’t understand the words you’re giving me there, care to repeat?

2 LP are very valuable items it times. Even 1 LP are, it solely depends on the drop rarity of said uniques.
Weaver items also provide a massive upgrade if they roll well, but you need loads of time and get a surprising amount of ‘might be useful’ variants out beside the garbage they can turn into.

Do you mean my legendaries, uniques, or T7 exalteds there? Or the gear for my secondary builds? Or do you mean the idols which I’ll need ~10 for every new build variety?

What should I bin best there?

If I store machinery for specific usage which regularly comes to use or is very likely to be useful, and I buy it at 10% market price… is that also ‘utter garbage’?

Otherwise your premise is wrong.
Nobody here stores random rares or the 20th T6 exalt with +dodge on it as the main stat.

Collector then.

Any of those terms better for you?


We are back in the GAME! :smiley: -50%

We should get a refund for the overpriced stash tabs we bought previously. Or our stash tabs count should be raised by 50% or something

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We got what we wanted… don’t reach for the arm when you’re offered a finger.

From now on it works, that suffices.