Make stash tabs cheaper, at least until trade is here

It just feels wrong to throw away decent exalted items, good class idols, uniques with legendary potential only because you don’t have enough gold to buy new stash tab. Prices for vendoring items don’t help too, most of them are 70-500, even after reaching empowered monoliths, while you can easily loot few thousands from single pile of gold. As another solution for tab price issue, prices for selling item could be adjusted to tab prices.
Even with low corruption you get so much good items, that you just can’t get enough gold for tabs to store them. As for player, it’s painful to drop away or vendor (for almost nothing in return) something, that may help your current or next (yet to be chosen) build. While trade will fix this issue (due to less drops in trade faction and ability to actually get something in return for your items), there should be some temporary solution until trade arrives.

Edit: And another possible option.
Increase size of tabs to 24x24. Why exactly these numbers? You can fill them completely, without empty cells, no matter what type of items you decided to store in this tab (be it 2x4 2handed weapons, 2x3 quivers, 4x1 idols, it always will fill, leaving no empty cells, unlike current 12x17 tabs). 12x12 has same ability to fill completely with current item sizes, but it will be too small, and next one is 24x24.


I asked about larger stash sizes and/or changing the footprint of certain items, so they could be grouped in tabs without wasting any space. But the answer was no… I can’t remember the reason, because I wasn’t very attached to the suggestion. It’s more of a nice to have.

Another reason why should implement this is to prevent me and maybe other people from going crazy seeing a stash tab full of 2x2s and still have empty space at the bottom which just feels astronomically wrong. Hello OCD people.


I can be anal as fuck about certain things, but I never knew how much inventory management could bother me until I met LE, I can never have a tab that fills correctly beyond keys. First world problems as hell, but it does annoy me as well.

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My new tab is already costing me 500k. It is frustrating.

And yes, whoever came up with that inventory space is kind of evil in a way, and probably loves to torture people with OCD.

I really hope they do something about this. You got my vote.

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Yeah, i’m starting to make mess in my tabs again, cause i need new tab for exalted 2handed weapons, new tab for exalted armours, new tab for idols, and tabs cost is reaching 400k already xD Sadly, i started to avoid idol echo rewards, cause it’s most painful thing. You never know which combination of class affixes you’ll need for another build, and getting right combination will take forever, so leaving them on ground feels very sad.


Oh my god, I thought it was only me, lol, that would avoid idol echoes! :joy:

But I am more familiar with all the classes now (20 character limit reached, most of them level 70 or above), so I am better at knowing which ones to keep now, so I don’t avoid the idol echo as much.

But I totally feel your pain.

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I think the cost is probably fine but I would really like to see the the size change to 12x24 for sure.


I’m confused, gold is incredibly easy to get… I have like 20+ stash tabs and never run out of gold … Or stash tabs … This doesnt seem like a problem to me because gold is so easy to obtain.

I’m at like 60th-70th tab and it costs almost 700k each tab now.
Also, I’m a:
“maybe I’ll use this someday so I’ll keep it”
“I’ll keep similar exalted in case my 1LP unique fails to get my desired affix”
“Oh my other character can use this and future builds”
“Oh waow unique!! Must keep 1 copy each!!!”

But yeah, wait until you reach too much stash tabs like some of us. It can get very expensive. Running one monolith alone can sometimes give you tons of useful stuff.

Also this. Idols feels like much harder to manage.

Edit: I ain’t saying NO to larger storage space that’s why I vote this. Heck I’ll spam the vote button if I can.


Maybe don’t be a hoarder. $700k is easy money

lol I was expecting someone calling us hoarders and telling us the solution is not to be hoarders, and voila~ :rofl:

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Hoarder and proud, personally I don’t feel it costs a lot. But if people think that a reduction is needed, all in to make folks feel better. All that considering the developers care about this in particular.

My honest opinion is the concepts like stashes and online grouping are hard limitations in gaming. I can easily see the future being without limits, everyone playing together, or being in one spot without problems, and infinite stash space. But for now, everyone has to adapt.


Exactly this. Until there is no trade, and even bad base exalted item might be bis for making legendary, almost nothing can be thrown away. I filtered out most of t6 except rare and class affixes long time ago, most idols with “on kill” and other not so usable affixes, and still, i’m spending too much time running gold reward echoes and playing tetris in my stash. So much times i had a situation “damn, i had this idol, but had no space and decided to vendor it”, “i had exalted to make this legendary, but had no idea it could be useful back then”.


Hot take: I find it more interesting if stash space is rather limited, so there is some active decision-making what you wanna keep and what not.

But on top of that I think LE is pretty generous with stash space. The first few dozen Stash tabs are extremely cheap. And once you are getting into 50-100+ stash tabs I personally find it fair that you have to make some choices between spending enormous amounts of money or needing to sort out some items.

The issue is, this is still happening after sorting out more than just some items :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, its fairly common despite what some people can say. The way the game is now it makes you wanting to save lot of exalted itens, because a lot of them have potential to be something useful in the future, if not being a direct upgrade to some of your alts, it could be something fair to try a legendary. And since grinding for the exactly combination of exalteds is really really hard, we are always afraid of throwing them out.

Before taking a break I went to 87 stash tabs. Around 800k for a new stash.

I used to save every single one… because… what if.

Now, I’ve cut back to only saving those with desirable T6+ affixes, or fully stacked with 3 or 4 useful affixes, so crafting is minimal.

That’s the problem, depending on the build and depending on the unique, the list of affixes that can be desirable, if t6-t7 affix, is huge.

I used to discard every iten with health Regen T6 affixes, but after playing some cool builds relying in health Regen now I need to save them as well (if they have some other cool affixes as well, if the combination is acceptable).

As you go playing and discovering new classes and new builds, most affixes are hard to discard as being useless

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Agreed, but there is a fine line, and its name is vanilla Titan Quest.

I have 20 tabs in LE, mostly filled with shit idols and even shittier exalted items, but thats just because I can.