Stash Tab deletion issue

Hey guys

I saw someone post a similar issue a couple days ago but thought I’d post mine too.
Yesterday I wanted to delete an empty category from my stash, but when I did it deleted the category next to it, along with the 5-6 stash tabs I had underneath it. I lost 5-6 tabs of idols and don’t seem to have a way to get them back.
Also can’t afford to buy them back because they are up to 160k and I just don’t have the gold to buy more RIP
I was assuming that the price would have at least dropped again (since it deleted 5 and lowered the total counter) but that wasn’t the case.

I also have a bugged category now, I can’t right click it to edit it and it seems to be attached to the category next to it, when I click one, both get selected>

Is there any way for me to recover those tabs I lost?

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I have these category issues, too. deleting categories also sometimes deletes a different category with full tabs beneath.

Luckily, everytime I relog, the categories are back with all their tabs and items.

Did you also relog and see, if the tabs are back?

Damn, I hope this is not the old issue with categories and corrupting when removing categories. Really do hope this is just a refreshing issue because the workaround for the old bug can obviously no longer be used as we dont have access to the save files anymore.

I don’t know.

It occured when I created a new category. It then created an additional category with the name “category Y”. This new one is somehow connected to the other one. All tabs you put ìn there are also in the linked one.

I tried numerous different things to get rid of both linked categories. At some point I gave up.

Saw a reddit post where somebody suggested to create a new category, put all tabs into the new one and delete all categories despite the new one.

But it doesn’t work. Currently I cannot delete anything. I have 5 categories left. 2 I can’t interact with, 2 I can try to delete. But then it also deletes the 1 category that I created to put all other tabs in.

I was furious when it deleted that category accidentally. I thought that the game just ate all my items. But on relog everything was back.

But i cannot manage any categories anymore. Deleting any of the 2 left empty categories i can interact with always deletes my last category and rolls it back on relog.

Unfortunately that sounds very much like the old problem. Really wished they had looked into this because with everything moving online, there is no way for a player to “fix” it and potentially losing things you are saving could be really rage inducing.

You should open a bug thread with the details so that its “refreshed” on the devs bug list.

There already is a report with lots of similar posts.

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Thanks, did not see that one!

They exact same thing happened to me. I deleted and empty category and it deleted my Idol catergory with 6 stash tabs full… I hope they figure this out. I lost a lot of time there.

Just a quick note:
Everytime my filled categories vanish with all the tabs and items, they come back after a relog. I stopped trying to manage anything but i tried really hard at some point, accidentally deleting my full item tabs over and over again. Never I lost a single item as the deleted tabs come back.