Stash and stash tabs; all gone after update

Not much point in playing if everything I’m trying to put together is going to disappear. I get it’s early access but this is nonsense. Had a few stash tabs, dozens of idols and uniques, arena keys… Everything gone, stash reset like it’s a new account but my character and his gear are untouched.

ALL crafting items also gone.

Moving thread from #customer-service to #technical-support.

Very sorry about this! I didn’t catch this thread as it was in the Customer Service section, my apologies.

If you haven’t restarted the game more than once since restarting the game, your log file would be very helpful, alongside your system information. Unfortunately, the log files are overwritten as you restart the game, so the information might not be there anymore if too much time has passed.

Once I was done throwing an itch-fit over it I said “durp, beta” and moved on. Then later I find out about the temp files for restoring character =. Sorry I can’t provide the log files, I’ll do that next time for sure.

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