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SSD destroyed?

Hello, i have had the following Problem:

Yesterday, I played for the first Time the new Monos and had a blast while doing so; the Session lasted about 2-3h i guess. i Finished the Storm-Timeline and started on the Dragon-Timeline. After about 5 monos there i wanted to start the next one and klicked on the Monolith to start … it followed desaster: My PC lagged for 2sec and then i got a nice Bluescreen and i wasnt able to restart it. in The Bios i couldnt recognise my bootable SSD-System anymore, and after some testing im pretty sure that my SSD doesnt work anymore.

Today now i tried to login into LE using my Laptop (After ordering ne PC parts:)). And i saw thet my Progress from yesterday wasnt saved? i think this is a strange Problem because until now of all the Crashes of LE that i had experienced were only minor ones, and also it never really influenced my Progress of 2-3h.

Do you have any idea of what might have been the problem?

Thanks for your work!


I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news but all the savegames for LE are currently stored locally and if you use Steam Cloud Saves, they are copied to the cloud when the game is properly closed…

If your SSD crashed totally, then the savegames are gone and Steam Cloud will not have been able to update as it only does so after a successful shutdown of the game…

Once LE launches the multiplayer features then you will be able to have online and offline characters but until then, everything is offline and obviously if anything happens to your offline files… well… you know…


ok thank you very much for the fast answer… i will try to salvage something from the old savefiles!