Spanish localization issues (0.9.2)

Hi, this is my first time trying Last Epoch, so I’m also checking the implementation of the Spanish localization from the beggining. You can contact me in private if you’d like me to fix these issues, as I’m actually a freelance translator/proofreader too! :upside_down_face:

Overall, the translation seems to be pretty good, but there are some issues that could be considered important.

NOTICE: New users can only add up to 5 links to each post and this is not letting me upload any pictures, so I had to put a preformatted text format to some of the links. They’re not inserted either, I’m not familiar with this forum formatting.

  1. The “Create an account” screen is missing a string. I think that in this case it should display it in English if it’s not translated.

  2. The font used here for the email cannot display accents/tildes. In this case the word should be “electrónico”.

  3. Before logging in for the first time, you can adjust the settings. I will list the things that are not translated, do not fit properly or have any other issues, but everything is related to this particular menu.

    • The language selection menu lists all the languages in English, but I think they should be displayed in Spanish.
    • The filter section says “No Filter” (not translated) and the field below has a text that is too long and overlaps something.
    • Screen mode menu is not translated.
    • “Advanced settings” submenu issues.
      1. The title is not translated.
      2. The FPS section is missing a space at the end (twice).
      3. All menu options that can have “Ultra” setting have a broken string.
      4. “Anti-aliasing” menu options are not translated.
    • “Sound mix” options are not translated.
    • One of the words (“asteriscs” in Spanish) in the social tab is too big for some reason and this also seems to break the positioning of the other strings.
  4. Next up is the introduction to loot filters.

    • The examples are in English, but the text below refers to them in Spanish, so this seems to be missing a translated version of this image.

    • The text next to the example does not fit inside the box, either because it needs to be shortened or you need to force it to split in two lines in a different way, for example:

  5. “Add a new loot filter” window has one notification regarding the clipboard that is not translated.

  6. When creating a new filter, several strings are not translated or do not fit properly.

    • The example title “New Loot Filter” is not translated. If you’d like to translate this, it would be “Nuevo filtro de botín”.
    • The “filter color icon” does not have enough string space horizontally and splits in two lines, overlapping the line that indicates the section limits.
    • The “Hold X to view items hidden by your filter” string is not translated.
  7. When you’re creating your character, you see a list of the available skills. The advanced description when holding Alt shows percentages related to damage or reduction. In Spanish, these percentages (or any units!! so apply this to seconds and whatnot, too) must have a space after the number (so, 100 %, not 100%) and this rule is used correctly within the skill description text, but if it’s some kind of dynamic modifier that’s within parenthesis or any other field, this space is missing.

  8. While we’re talking about skill descriptions, I see some incorrect translations (they look like MT, actually).

    • “Strength Scaling” is translated as “Fuerza Progresión” but should be something like “Progresión de fuerza”.
      Any kind of Scaling would be “Progresión de [name_of_scaling]” and not “[name_of_scaling] Progresión”.
    • “x% increased Damage” is “x% aumentado Daño” but should be “x % de aumento de daño”.
  9. The English description of the “Character Found” option is much longer (and also sticks out of the screen space assigned to this string).

  10. The first loading screen after creating the character is displayed in English, but after the intro video ends, it displays it in English for a bit more and then changes it to Spanish in real time (the same happens with the loading tip).

  11. The intro video for my character (Sentinel) did not have any subtitles. I don’t know if these exist, but it would be great to add them.

  12. Some of the floating text when attacking is not translated. Would be cool if it was.

  13. You get a suggestion to open the Social window to add friends. This menu is translated pretty nicely, but the status is still in English.

  14. I was not liking that the Attack button is bound to RMB, so I went to change it to LMB and saw that all such keys are not translated: Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Delete, Return, Tab, Shift, Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Mouse Wheel, etc.

    • :beetle:BUG: I was not able to interchange RMB with LMB because, even after removing the bindings, the system was saying that they’re still in use and cannot be changed.
  15. Most of the chat options and the welcome message are not translated.

  16. When a mob dropped my first weapon, I saw that some of the damage modifiers are not translated correctly.

    • “Cuerpo a cuerpo Daño” (melee damage) order is incorrect and should instead be “Daño cuerpo a cuerpo”.
    • “29% aumentado de daño de fuego” should be “29% de aumento de daño de fuego”.
    • :beetle:BUG: In the screenshot above, the first melee damage modifier shows a 23, but the summary shows a 13 :thinking:
  17. Someone linked this item in the Spanish chat, asking what is “Weaver’s Will”. For some reason, this item option is not translated.

  18. The base attack rate is uppercase for “FAST” but lowercase for “Normal” and “Slow”, although this happens in English too.

  19. I got my first passive point and saw some localization issues in that menu.

    • The two Sentinel mastery names are longer in Spanish, so they do not fit and get hidden by the images.
      “Caballero del vacío” should instead be split like this:
      “Guardia de la Forja” should instead be split like this:
    • The other issue that I found on one of the first three passives (Juggernaut) is that even in English you need to press Alt to show the default description text, no idea why, maybe :beetle:
    • And then the “resistance” translation should be unified, because in Spanish one of them says “resistant” instead of “resistence”. So, in the screenshot below it should say “Resistencia al fuego” instead of “Resistente al fuego”. Check this for the other resistances too.
  20. Looks like some of the monster attributes are not translated:

  21. When Grael talks while following you during the prologue, there is no floating text to translate what he’s saying. I also noticed this for some of the enemies.

That’s it for tonight, I spent a couple of hours to write this. Will add more issues to this thread in the future.


Today I will report some dialogue typos, inconsistencies, overlapping text and a few bugs :beetle: regarding the localization.

(The numbering will continue since my last message, because I’d like to know how many issues I have reported)

  1. There is a typo in one of the sentences when speaking to Grael.
    It should be like this instead:

    Parece que su líder espera en el santuario.

  2. Another sentence when speaking to Grael does not match the voice-over at all:
    Voice-over says “I don’t work for him. I’m his champion” (althought the punctuation might not be the same).
    There probably exists a translated version of this, it’s just linked incorrectly.

  3. Noticed two typos when speaking to another NPC:
    It’s missing a full stop at the end and the word “Heoboreano” should be in lowercase, so, like this instead:

    Está ocupada hablando con el embajador heoboreano sobre las negociaciones de paz.

  4. Noticed another typo when speaking to another NPC:
    This is a plurality rule inconsistency and should instead be:

    Parece que les tienes aprecio a los tuyos.

  5. When you’re about to enter a portal to another map, you see a notification message. The translation of this notification message is incorrect and has an unneeded space.
    Instead of "ENTRAR EN " it should be “ENTRANDO EN” (notice that I removed the space at the end).

  6. I came across a cache and its name/description were not translated. I think this is one of the new ones added with patch 0.9.2

  7. If you click on the LMB skill slot, you’ll see three options. If you hover over those options, a text field appears, but it’s empty. The same happens in English.

  8. If you click on the RMB slot, you’ll see an empty slot. The description of this slot is in English (and it also displays the Alt for more info option, but it’s not functional :beetle: ).

  9. The passive skill called “Unchained” (for Sentinel) has a modifier called “Channel cost” and it’s translated incorrectly (and also does not match the translation for this stat in your character window). Please note that this modifier might also be used elsewhere, on other passive skills for example, so you have to unify it everywhere.
    Change “Costo del canal” to “Coste de canalización”.

  10. Similarly, there’s a passive skill called “Relentless” (for Sentinel). The “stun avoidance” modifier is translated incorrectly and does not match the translation for this stat in the character window.
    Change “Evitación de aturdimiento” to “Evasión de aturdimiento”.

  11. The “Counter attack” passive skill (and many other with this notification!) leaves the Sentinel class name untranslated. This should be changed to “Centinela” for unification purposes, because it is translated elsewhere.

  12. The character window has many secondary stats that overlap with each other and with the actual value in the Damage/Defense/Minion/Other tabs.
    Most of these have to be shortened to fit based on the English text, unless you add a moving/floating text functionality to the game.
    Here’s an example of how I would shorten the first one:
    VEL. DE LANZAMIENTO DE HECHIZOS AUMENTADA (option 1, will still overlap)
    AUMENTO DE VEL. DE LANZ. DE HECHIZOS (option 2, doesn’t overlap, sounds better)
    Here’s another:
    So, basically you have to shorten these where needed to fix this issue:

    • ATAQUE to ATQ.
  13. I found some affix shards and I noticed that they’re not translated correctly.
    “Increased stun chance shard” is translated as “Probabilidad de aturdir aumentada Fragmento” but should instead be:


    The modifier “Adds x% increased stun chance” is translated as “Añadidos x% probabilidad de aturdir aumentada” but should instead be:


    Please note that I added a space after X, this is to follow the Spanish rule for symbols that I mentioned in the previous post.

  14. The same happens with “STRENGTH FRAGMENT”, so I guess it will happen with all types of fragments, but I haven’t found them all yet.
    This should say:




    Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you’ll notice that I’m just changing the word order.

  15. Next up are a couple of modifiers that I found under the passive skill called “STALWART” (for Sentinel), but it appears that they’re used in more places too. The issue here is that they once again do not match the translations found in the character window (C).
    “BLOCK EFFECTIVENESS” is translated as “EFICACIA DEL BLOQUE” (wrong translation), but should instead be:


    “BLOCK CHANCE” is translated as “PROBABILIDAD DE BLOQUEO” (correct, but not unified with C window), but should instead be:


  16. In the following screenshot you can see some stats from the character window (C).
    But because the Spanish translation is longer, the text breaks. I think that the easiest fix here would be to shorten the text.
    “REGENERACIÓN DE MANÁ” should be changed to “REGEN. DE MANÁ”
    “VELOCIDAD DE MOVIMIENTO” should be changed to “VEL. DE MOVIMIENTO” or “VELOCIDAD DE MOV.”, whichever fits first.

  17. Lastly for today, I’d like to report a bug when changing the game language. When you do so, the loot that has already dropped will stay in the previous language. This screenshot was taken after I killed some monsters with the game being in English and then switched the language to Spanish:


My last message on this topic was 30 days ago.

On October 5th, the team released Patch 0.9.2f, which they state has some localization fixes, so I decided to check whether any of my 38 reported issues (with sub-issues under a lot of them) got fixed or not.

Unfortunately, for the most part it doesn’t look like that’s the case, because upon a quick glance, only the issues numbered 33 and 37 (with overlapping text) have been fixed.

There are a lot of typos and mistranslations with skill modifiers and other common text that I think should also have priority in fixing them as per my suggestions. For example: issue number 19, 26, 30, 31, etc.

It’s been a couple of months since I reported these issues. I tried the most recent patch, 0.9.2k and at first glance basically all of the issues are still there.

I decided that I will not continue collecting and reporting them, because although it’s something that would take me a couple of days to fix if given access to the localization file, it’s clearly not a priority for the devs to spend resources on it at this point in time.