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[solved]Patch 0.6.1 not working on (Gentoo) Linux

The latest patch wouldn’t work for me on Gentoo Linux, 64bit. Neither would a fresh install.
Starting the launcher in a terminal gave me this info:

[INFO] Thu Mar 28 21:43:13 2019 - Launcher worker has no errors! Closing launcher application with status 0.
/home/Mikrotherion/Games/Last Epoch/patcher/ line 36: [: /home/Mikrotherion/Games/Last: binary operator expected
/home/Mikrotherion/Games/Last Epoch/patcher/ line 48: [: /home/Mikrotherion/Games/Last: binary operator expected

<Blockquote As you can see truncates the path after "Last"; changing the game directorie's name from Last Epoch to LastEpoch fixed this for me. Names with spaces have worked before, but since it's a shell script that does not work here, this might be a bug in bash rather than in LE.

Thanks for the report!

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to set this as resolved.

The reason I do so is that for Customer Service and Technical Support, we use that to keep track of who needs assistance and who doesn’t. While I can appreciate that we haven’t released an update to address this - if it something we end up needing to patch ourselves - the thread not being resolved implies that you’re currently in need of assistance.

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