Solarum arena too common?

After few hundred arena waves done it feels like Solarum Arena is more common than other new arenas combined. Is this intentional, bug or bad luck?

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To get some data I counted arenas from the latest @LizardIRL stream:

27 solarum
25 desert
 7 lakeside
 5 airborne
 4 docklands
 4 tundra
 3 lagonian
 2 rust land
 2 heorot
 2 magma
 1 woodland

I also noticed that after Desert arena the next arena is always Solarum, so it’s not random.

There seems to be 2 bugs here:

  1. desert arena is too common
  2. after desert you always get solarum, which also makes solarum way too common

I noticed the same since patch dropped.
Thanks for gathering this info!

I will play some more again today, but it seem and feels bugged.

Poor woodland arena xd

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into it. :]

This issue was resolved in Patch 0.8.1c.