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Beta 0.8.1c Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where Arena layouts were not properly selected at random. This caused the Desert Arena and Solarum Arena to be more common than the others.



  • Bring Endurance more in line with other defenses, by making it more difficult for endurance threshold to be close to or exceed your maximum health, which would overcome its balancing factor.
  • Reduce how much the effectiveness of Endurance varies with maximum health.


  • All characters now have endurance threshold equal to 20% of their maximum health (from 40 + 2 per character level).
  • Reduced the value of endurance threshold affixes (by up to 30% at higher tiers).
  • Root Shields grant 45 to 70 endurance threshold (from 70 to 100).
  • Reduced the value of endurance threshold on blessings by around 33%.
  • The Druid’s Hideskin node now grants 15 health, and 1% of maximum health gained as endurance threshold (from +15 health and 3% reduced stun duration).



  • Fixed a bug where Increased Size effects did not apply to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where minion names granted by nodes (i.e. Thunder Totem) or random chance did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where Arek’s Flesh did not have animations.

Death Seal

  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s wave upon release was not affected by the skill’s base 20% more damage per second. It now deals more damage than before.
  • Adjusted the functionality of Doomcall: 10% more damage per stack of Damned, does not scale with points allocated (from 20% per point). +1 stack of Damned on you each second per allocated point (unchanged). Can have up to 5 points allocated (from 4).

Detonating Arrow

  • Fixed a bug where Detonating Arrow’s Arcing Blast node could trigger even if Detonating Arrow’s damage was converted.


  • Fixed a bug where Galvanize did not convert sources of ignite chance on Firebrand’s tree to shock chance.

Frenzy Totem

  • Fixed a bug where Eterra’s Blessing triggered by the Healing Pulse node did not use Eterra’s Blessing’s tree or scale with the player’s healing effectiveness.

Infernal Shade

  • Fixed a bug where triggering Blaze Shade could cause Infernal Shade to instantly expire in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Blaze Shade caused the area of Infernal Shade to be reduced rather than increased.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Shade was not converting the skill’s base fire damage to physical damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Legion would not cast Infernal Shade on additional nearby minions if the Devour In Flames node was also taken.
  • Fixed a bug where Shifting Doom combined with Devour In Flames did not damage the subsequent minion that Infernal Shade attached to.

Lethal Mirage

  • Fixed a bug which caused several nodes for Lethal Mirage to not work.


  • Fixed a bug where the buffs granted by Rebuke never persisted after channeling if you had channeled for the full duration.

Shield Throw

  • Fixed a bug where Spiked Plates and Rygar’s Fury did not grant their damage bonus.


  • Fixed a bug where Storm Battery granted a stack of Dormant Energy even if you did not hit at least one enemy with your melee attack.

Tooltip DPS

  • Fixed a bug where negative ailment chances (caused by certain skill tree nodes) would prevent all other ailments from affecting tooltip DPS.
  • Focus now displays tooltip DPS when taking the Energy Overflow or Energy Battery nodes.
  • Added tooltip DPS for the Spark Charge and Lightning Wave sub-abilities.
  • Improved tooltip DPS support for Shatter Strike’s Icicle subability.
  • Fixed a bug where Detonating Arrow’s tooltip DPS did not account for conversion in some cases.


  • Added new 2d art for Valdyr’s Chalice and Raindance.
  • Increased Physical Damage can now also roll on belts.
  • Fixed a bug where the Critical Success bonus for crafts would not be saved in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the “+x Levels to Sacrifice” Affix granted more levels than intended. It is now the same amount as other affixes.
  • Fixed a bug where Smite’s damage was not increased by the Wrathful Large Rahyeh Idol (increased damage with Vengeance and Smite).
  • Fixed the model for Dreamthorn being positioned incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mage would hold Staves incorrectly in some situations.
  • Fixed a visual issue for Primalists wielding two-handed swords on the character select screen.


  • The Druid’s Hideskin node now grants 15 health, and 1% of maximum health gained as endurance threshold (from +15 health and 3% reduced stun duration).
  • Fixed a bug where the Void Knight’s Null Velocity passive could trigger from an ability use that leaves you above 0 mana.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paladin’s Shield Wall node granted maximum health instead of health on block.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bladedancer’s Cloak of Shadows node did not grant Dexterity.
  • Renamed the Gladiator (block) node in the Sentinel tree to Protector as the name ‘Gladiator’ was also in use on the dual wielding node.


  • Overhauled all visuals for Swipe, including:
    • Base visual effect
    • Lightning conversion
    • Spirit Wolves node
    • 2D icon
  • Revised the visuals for Holy Aura.

Monolith / Campaign

  • Increased the health of the Pyromancer miniboss in Ash Covered Maj’Elka.
  • Frigid Hinterland now also appears in the Blood, Frost and Death timeline.
  • Fixed a wall blocking the camera in Sealed Archive.
  • Fixed some targeting issues near the waypoint in the Immortal Summit.
  • Fixed Alric’s voice acting in The Immortal Citadel cutting off other voice acting.
  • Fixed some rocks falling upwards in the Council Chambers.


  • Skill tree nodes now have square borders. “Key Nodes” are still hexagonal.
  • Adjusted the description for Endurance and the highlight colors in the health globe tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug causing damage numbers, particularly for critical hits, to look different than in previous patches.
  • “+X Other Shards” notifications now appear last in the list of shard notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where an erroneous “+0 Other Shards” notification would appear in some situations.

:slight_smile: much better

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Very nice change to endurance! Love it on paper!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Respect guys. you do your job really well!!!

Please make %movement speed suffix again on boots (now it is prefix). This prevents from double attribute skills buffing via prefixes (like Shatter Strike). I can only roll Dex or Int now on boots. Not both.

Also now if I want to go offensive with belts I can’t because the only offensive prefix is %{my_damage_type} increase. Let us roll attribute there please (Int or Dext or Attn etc).

Thank you very much! You’re the best

I agree, that the belt prefixes are lacking in variety for certain builds.

But i do disagree on boots. It is good, that you can’t pick everything you would like to pick.

The affix changes overall took away alot of those “choices”. We definitely need more of those choices in the game again. This can be achieved by expanding the affix pools a bit

Yo guys, what about an idea of connecting endurance % reduction with amount of hp? so for example more hp u have more % reduction u have - and the same time nerf it a lot on gear, so for example instead of 15% roll u can get 5% roll or something like that.
Im thinking of a solution to make HP builds viable again, cause changes in this patch are not enough.

if shifting the moving speed affix to Prefixes was intended then I just have to live with it the devs know better :smiley: But I hoped it was an ovesight.

I mean, one coudl argue, that movemenspeed is a “defensive” affix, so having it as suffix would not be completely off, but i do like it as a prefix.

Endurance was sooooo good, I get it :frowning:

People complain that it’s “OP”, so it gets nerfed.

A more than welcome changes, looks great!

Nice little patch notes, but personally not really a fan of making threshold harder, as it is 7 items can get threshold (Glove, helm, shield, belt, ring(2), relic) and with 70 threshold being T5 max thats only 490 + 20% max hp, making anything under like 700hp having all 7 still short of the threshold being 100%. wouldn’t it make more since to have threshold easier and the DR% being harder to hit for 60%? endurance was 100% too op the way it was, but i think making endurance harder to get or making us make a choice of having to put endurance on how many affixes to what DR% we would want to get to makes a lot more sense than having to put every affix into threshold to make it stop us from being 1 shot from big spells.

The design intent for Endurance was for it to kick in as your character reaches low health levels. Defenses such as Resistance and Armor protect you regardless of what proportion of your health is missing - we want Endurance to have its own niche rather than being similar to other, existing options which would result in there always being a mathematically ‘correct’ choice.


Went to sleep woke up to this! gotta say cant wait to check out the changes <3 keep up great work.

meloveyoulongtime :skull_and_crossbones:

Actually I find prefix to be completely uninteresting to choose now. Playing my marksman, helm and chest (and relic?) will always be main skill + weapon type damage buff.

On other gear slots, the choices is so limited most of the time I just slap dex in.

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animation of creating wolves and transforming into a bear is terrible. Please correct )

But there is. You can get the same EHp endurence is offering by simply stacking HP if everything else is the same. I’m a total math nobrainer and I’m maybe wrong but to me it looks like endurence is obsolate now.