So let me get this straight

I have to beat Liath without dying or else it restarts the whole zone making me clear it to her again while she is full health? Meanwhile i have to dodge the half dozen or so one shot effects going on during the fight and still fit in some dmg on her. If that’s the direction of the game no thanks.


Hey, I’m at this part too. I stopped playing because of it, and switched to monolith. I can only assume this is just because it is a WIP.

I hope they’re gonna fix this. It’s really annoying sometimes. A zone should not reset when you die or when you portal out. Frustrating when you fight a boss, kill it, no inventory space to get the loot, then portal to town and when you portal back, you have to face the boss again…

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Not just that but you have to


beat Lagon too, if you don’t you gotta start all the way back at the entrance to Lagon’s domain.

But they’ll probably be adjustments as there are still more Acts to come.

interesting, I definitely remember dying on ***** and not having to redo the area, he just reset and i got taken to where you portal in. Must be bugged for some? shrugs

The Lagon fight has a checkpoint once you’ve cleared the tentacles.

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I can’t find one of Sarno’s many posts on the matter, but this is a technical issue they’re working on fixing.


Great! Thank you

The lilith, and lagoon fights aren’t mandatory. you can skip them if you want. only offers you a meager passive point or two upon completion of that final part of chapter 8 content. It’s a good place to test the strength, and weaknesses of your builds when you are level 50/60.

IMO, I wouldn’t say chapter boss fights aren’t mandatory, IMO they are the definition of mandatory. Though granted, end-game isn’t gated behind them like it usually is in most games.

yeah, i’m sure it will be changed in a patch. I just do them once i’m strong enough, comfortably.

Even if the encounter is left unchanged, the game needs a waypoint added to just before the fight. My friend has ragequit the game because of this fight and the fact that he has to go through 3 full maps to get back to it between play sessions because the nearest waypoint is miles away.

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