Zones rinse repeat after Town portal?

Am i the only one that finds this really annoying and tedious? Also rinse repeats if you die… That to me is not fun mechanics and is really frustrating having to fight through hoards again…

Also what is up with losing all my skill points when i respec a skill… Do customers honestly enjoy grinding over and over again? I heard good things about this game and while its pretty good its not better than Wolcen in its current state, it is deeper but definitely not as user friendly as a new customer…


Zone respawning:

Respecs (I’ll let you read through the 140+ post thread & that’s not the only thread):


Hello DanteYoda,

I don’t think u are alone with your thoughts, although this game is still being in beta with early access. That’s why you will encounter minor inconveniences like this. Llama8 already answered that this is likely due to a technical issue and will not stay like this when the game is released.

About the skillpoint “issue”:
A short anecdote about meaninglessness of decisions and its impact on user-experience:
When i was little and played Age of Empires 2 i discovered there are cheats through a gaming magazine. I was excited to try them out, and it helped me winning the matches. However strong the enemy was, i could type in some cheats and my “Cobra-cars” demolished the enemy. It was fun for the first few times but then quickly the game got boring and i eventually moved on.
As i matured (still work in progress though) i realized that the restrictions a game puts on you are not your enemy. Most restrictions are carefully crafted (hopefully) design decisions to elevate the fun you can have with a game. By taking away all limits and restrictions you end up with a messy boring ass game that has no challenges or goals to reach.

And that’s why i’m not a fan of meaningless, “skill-swap-around”-type of skill systems. Your decisions matter, your playthrough with every character is a fun learning experience while not overly punishing.

PS: I think this game is WAY better then Wolcen :wink:


I just want to point out, as Llama8 has, that the zones not saving their current state is due to this system not having been developed yet and thus, is a technical limitation until it is implemented.

Your second point about the skill respec system, which has been debated endlessly, is not yet written in stone and may still see changes made to it before or after launch;

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Thanks guys, great links. Just for the record, we know exactly how to fix the zone respawning problem. We’ve had a plan in place for it for years that is still going to work well. It should happen for offline and online around the same time that multiplayer launches.

It’s one of those things that we could have spent a huge amount of dev time fixing knowing that we would have to scrap and redo after multiplayer or just live with it as is until then. We know it’s frustrating now but the game will be better overall because of this.


That’s some excellent insight and perfect valid reason to not waste time with a compromise solution that gets scrapped afterwards.

I will most definitely redirect people to your statement if further questions about that respawning occur.

Keep on the great work :metal:

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I see good to know its not intended and is going to get fixed at some point, while as it is is not game breaking it is frustrating (good for leveling though i guess…)

That said the Skills thing is really my bigger fight now after certain amount of hours playing, I have no idea how others think losing all my points in skills and having to rinse repeat them over and over is ok… Its not great and its not fun even in the slightest and it seems it never gets faster even at level 30 something.

I agree this is better than Wolcen but Wolcen is a lot more straight forward and a lot easier to get into, no where near as deep though mechanics wise which is good and bad depending on who you are.

Level 30 is still fairly low.

Exactly and even that low mistakes happen with skills we still want to be able to reset them.

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