So, i crashed like 10 times in a row

recently i have crashed 10+ times in a row during or shortly after loading into a monolith’s echo.The zone name didn’t matter.I could get different echo questlines to crash all while loading the first echo.All the crashes happened on my level 60 rogue which i started back in 0.8.

Everytime i crashed i had to restart steam because it was left hanging thinking that last epoch was still open and sometimes displaying black windows instead of the library.Sometimes it caused my discord to freeze.
i would say i crashed like 12 times but a couple of times i managed to play and complete an echo, one of those time all the textures were black as shown in the screenshot. when i switched from high to medium graphical settings last epoch hanged then crashed.

Eventually the crashes solved themselves when Mozilla firefox crashed ( i was listening to music and had multiple youtube tabs opened) after last epoch crashed one last time.While my firefox session was probably sizable(but only 8 hours long) and had many tabs open i doubt i’ve filled my 16GB of ram with just Last epoch + steam + 20-40 firefox tabs.
After mozilla firefox crashed i’ve been able to play and i can’t reproduce the crashes.

note that i also use f.lux, which is a software that makes my screen more (370.0 KB)

Hey… Your post mentions lots of possible reasons for this… LE could have a problem, but you have so many other things happening that its pretty hard to pinpoint exactly what the cause is and its likely impossible to tell exactly what is happening without reducing the variables.

Some suggestions …

Make sure that your LE files are not corrupted (Steam options, Verify Integrity of installation)… Make sure you are running the latest GPU drivers and there are not other driver issues or OS updates needed.

I am also assuming that there are no hardware issues on your machine - .e.g. thermal issues, flaky memory, harddrive errors etc. These may not show up till you push your machine but its best to check.

You should also consider not complicating the system with too much in the background while playing. I usually have a browser open on LE related sites and maybe playing some music in the background (not via youtube) but nothing else. Definitely not 20-40 tabs open for 8h. You can check task manager to see what is hogging Mem.CPU.GPU.

Re Firefox… I have personally had issues with Firefox running away with memory issues and eventually crashing - all depends on number of tabs & what the webpages are actually loaded and how long you have left it running in this state. Browsing long pages with endless scroll (like reddit etc) can lock a lot of memory into the browser that other apps may need or benefit from. I always make sure its restarted and not hogging mem before doing anything memory intensive on my system (also 16gb ram).

Hope this helps…

if not and you are able to consistently reproduce the problem, then you should check out as you will likely have to post additional logfiles etc for the devs to try and help. Info is on the support site.

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