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So, I can't do anything endgame right now...FPS issues

So, I’ve been enjoying this game, but I’ve hit a point where I can’t play anymore. I can’t do the arena and I can’t do the monolith of faith. I can enter them just fine, and so long as certain mobs don’t spawn, I can complete them.

The second I get Oculus Mortis, Soul Cages, or the necrotic chimera spawns, I drop so low in FPS that I can’t do anything, and then I’m dead. It’s only these mobs. Anything that does void damage with the ground affects and bolts are fine.

I’ve done everything I can think of; all my graphics are ultra low, with all the additional options turned off in advanced graphics. I’ve forced my video card memory allocation and gone back to the default where the game picks. I’ve run out of ideas.

I’ll check in on the game again in a couple of patch updates to see if it gets better.

Wow…you’ved reach the endgame.Congrats.Some of us cannot even pass the log-in screen and stuck in “Please Wait” screen.Don’t have any idea how the gameplay runs.

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