Smite + Temporal Corruption

Anyone know if it turns fissure damage into void damage also? As the skill animation becomes purple but fissures animation stays the same. Plus it only talks about the base damage and ignite portions of the skill.

Good question. You’d probably have to check with a load of +% void damage compared to no +% void damage on the training dummy.

Pretty sure Fissure is a separate damage instance from Smite. Fissure kills don’t even count as Smite kills.


Also the smite optical is converted to void, being a violet beam now. Fissure still looks the same. I would expect fissure to have a color change if it would turn into Void damage.

No, Fissure’s damage doesn’t get converted to void by Temporal Corruption as it’s not buffed by void damage. Whether it should or not is an entirely different cup of tea. Personally I think it should.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but Smite using the talent that converts it to Void does not echo. Been self casting Smite with lots of echo talents and no dice. I really hope it’s a bug because if it’s not then what’s the point : /

Yes, it’s a bug as the tag isn’t being updated.

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