Temporal Corruption does not change smite's skill tags

So the void knight got a new node, “Temporal Corruption”, that converts smite to a void spell and causes all ignite based effects to become slow based ones, which is hella cool. However, the ability tags still read: “Fire, Spell, Attunement” despite the skill no longer being a fire skill and having all of its damage converted to void. This is also kinda problematic because it doesn’t gain the chance to be echoed by the void knights unique mechanic.

Just thought I would mention this here as it seems to simply be an oversight and not the actual intended function of the node.

Thanks. I believe the damage is converted, just the tag isn’t being updated, so it won’t count as a Void Spell for things like the Void Knight mastery bonus. We’ll get a fix for this soon.

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Temporal Corruption isn’t converting Fissure’s damage to void though, is that intended? Is Fissure a separate spell proc’d by Smite (& therefore not affected by Temporal Corruption) or is Fissure an additional effect of Smite (& therefore should be affected by Temporal Corruption)?

That’s a good point. Even though it’s not my place to say, I would think that the PURPOSE of the node is to make smite viable/synergistic for the void knight, I think that having fissure become a void variant of the spell would make 100% sense, considering the purpose of the node. Just my two cents.

We’ll look into converting Fissure as well. Smite is correctly gaining tags as of 0.7.8b.

:slight_smile: Is it also correctly procing ailments? :wink:

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