Smite explosion scaling

Smite node Righteous Overload gives up to 100% chance to explode killed enemies.
What exactly is this explosion? I guess fire spell probably.
Does it scale from added spell damage? Attunement? Or target life? Can it crit?
It is gated behind ignite nodes, when it is not dot and ignite chance node does not apply to explosion. Hard to test, if other smite nodes apply. Generally skill nodes apply to subskills, but not in this case.
When Smite kills enemy with ignite, it explodes. Explosions can chain, if they deal enough hit damage to kill. But if monster dies from ignite applied from explosion, it will not explode.

We don’t know, but its likely Fire, Spell & Attunement/Vitality (depending on the attribute Smite). It would scale with flat spell damage & crit.

Scaling Tags: Fire, Spell, Intelligence
Is a hit
Base Damage: 7 Fire
Critical Chance: 5%
Critical Multiplier: 200%
Added Damage Scaling: 35%


Though as with all other subskills, the attribute is inherited from the proccing skull.

May I ask you, where did you find this info? Format is just like from LEtools, but I can’t find this skill

Interestingly, I did a quick test with 2 different gear setups (same flat dmg, different attribute stats)

2 int, 66 att, 72% inc spell damage, 45% inc fire damage
67 int, 1 att, 72% inc spell damage, 45% inc fire damage

Latter gave me noticeably bigger explosion damage.

Dev quote: “Skills triggered by a build up of hits, or by some other delayed mechanism such as Spark Charges or Shadow Daggers, aren’t not subskills of the main skill, and so do not inherit from its tree.”

I assume explosion on death is also considered “delayed mechanism”.


It’s missing from Righteous Overload tooltip, but it’s the same explosion used by few other skills:

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