Show what subskill Smite's Righteous Overload node is (and make it scale off Attunement?)


Most subskills now are clearly indicated, but Righteous Overload is fairly old and isn’t.
IIRC before 0.9 it also was actually Fire Burst, which scales off of INT, which doesn’t really make sense for a Smite build or Sentinel in general. (Forged Weapons’ explosion is also this one).

Subskills inherit attribute bonuses from the main skill, so it saying Int is actually irrelevant (though wrong) to what makes it do more damage.

So it inherits them in addition to whatever is listed?
Because Lava Burst from Shield Throw for example does get increased damage off of Attunement, despite the main skill being STR/DEX

Also, I found this old thread, not sure if still applicable.

Yes. As I understand it, the procs inherit the actual numerical bonuses (ie, 4% increased per point of stat) rather than the tag (scales with Attunement) then calculating the bonus themselves. It’s probably more computationally efficient to do the 4% times X stat once then pass it down to subskills than calculate it several times.

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