Slow on bow hit tooltip missing

Reporting this tooltip error, not sure if intended but i have a quiver that adds chance to slow on hit and it does display, however my idol doesn’t.

This is important because my multishot deals inc dmg to slowed targets and there is no reliable way to test it.

The slow chance in your character sheet is a global stat while the affix on your idol only counts for bow hits. Therefore it will not be added to the character sheet. The “chance to slow on bow hit” works as intended though. If you have 20% slow chance and 20% slow chance on bow hit you will have a 40% slow chance on multishot but still a 20% slow chance on dancing strike for example. Other stats like Frostbite dmg are also not in the character sheet yet but will probably be added in upcoming patches.

thank you, that clears it for me!

There’s also a graphical effect for slow though it’s hard to see in combat. From memory it is a purple circle around the affected mob’s feet.

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I would like to see much better tool tips for every skill in the future. You actually have all the information that you just have to present properly.

Like this?

That’s exactly what I mean. Thank you very much!

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