Slamming Exalts should not brick the Legendary item

Allow to slam an endless amount of times. Finding a 3 or 4 LP legendary with good rolls is already hard. Then finding a good T7 exalt. Then you slam and brick your legendary.
Slamming should be possible an unlimited amount of times, to not brick the legendary.
Alternatively, if this is too easy, make so that an identical legendary is needed to overwrite the last slam. You would basially slam 2 items - the exalt and a legendary.

The most powerful items in the game are hard to get! You should make them completely trivial to get instead!


How many 4 LP items for your build with good rolls do you have? What about 3 LP with good rolls?
Explain the triviality of getting such items? How do you farm them and how many per day you are getting to call it “trivial”?
You might want to research the meaning of the word “trivial”. I dont think you understand what that word means.

A build should assume zero LP on uniques. Theyre generally a trade off, lose some stats to get a unique effect. Any LP is a cherry on top of what should already be a functional build.


If you honestly don’t think your cockamamie idea to be able to re-slam the same Legendary over and over completely trivializes getting a good Legendary, then I don’t think you understand what that word means.

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It’s your fault if you brick 4lp item. There is no RNG involved.