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Skill UI

So, just kind of a general discussion, but why does the free to play trial of the game have (what seems to be) a completely different passive/skill UI? Or is that based on level, because in the free to play trial it seems much different and more advanced than the Alpha version?

The pre-alpha demos were created from 2017 until June of this year.

Changes have been made as we continue to develop the game.

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I see, it’s the pre-alpha demo was pretty interesting how it veered off into 4 different directions, just a piece of thought.

There definitely were many interesting ideas in the Passive Grid, but ultimately it had problems so we decided to replace it. Mitch made a Developer Blog about it if you’d like to see more of our reasoning: Remastering Masteries: Overhauling the Passive System

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Awesome, thank you.

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