Skill points assignment and item with + to Skill


I raised a ticket, but I was directed to post on the forum, so here it goes:

I recently acquired a helm that gives me +4 to Death Seal, but once I unequieped it to Forge it, some of the assignments got mixed up. Now when I unequiep it the wrong specs are selected. Also at the start of the game, 4 points are unassigned, but the wrong ones are assigned…

I dont want to de-level the skill for 3 levels as I know its going to be a nightmare to level it back to 20 again, and it makes a difference on empowered monoliths.

I basically added the marked points as part of the +4 on the helmet, but now Im stuck with those if I remove it and put on a different one…
I cant upload an image, so I uploaded the image in a zip file… (1.3 MB)

Wow, 5 days no answer…

Keeping it alive…

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Hi there,
What you are experiencing is normal, that is how the game work. The devs don’t want you to put on your +4 grab some node that would give you a lot of aoe clearing power and then against bosses take it out/put it back on and changes the way your skill is specced so you can destroy the boss and so on. The way it work is the point that are removed are from nodes that have a lot of points and do not block you.
If you search on the forum I am sure you will find a better explication than mine.

On a side note, you have lvl 20 skill and you are in empowered, so I am going to guess you are around lvl 80-ish. Going from 17 to 20 should take you approximately 2 echoes.

I am actually 98 (stopped playing 1 month ago, got bored and annoyed by the skill issue) and this happened while in town where I unintentionally swapped the helm and my skill got despecced and it was the important nodes that went away. Introducing a +4 thing to skills and then working in such a weird way is just bad.

I got the same issue with a helmet with +2, points are removed in some skills without any explaination… sometimes it’s difficult to see from which they are gone…

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