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Skeleton Projectile Monolith Farmer | Last Epoch Necromancer Build Guide | Patch 8.0d

Skeleton Projectile Monolith Farmer | Last Epoch Necromancer Build Guide | Patch 8.0d

Full YouTube Build Guide :

Please tell me what you think!

Build Planner :

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Great guide!

Quick question, for idols the +2% base crit chance for skeletons or the +XX% increase crit chance for minion (as shown in the guide). Not sure which one is better? Thanks

Base crit is usually better, but it depends how much % increased you have. For example, if you already had 100% increased, so an additional 40% increased crit chance would take them up from 10% to 12%. A +2% crit chance would take them from 10% up to 14%.

@matthewisreallycool so its a simple thought exercise. So the most a 4x1 idol is 2% base crit right? So if we have 4 4x1 we can have at most 8% base crit? Well, if we already have 7% base crit on chest, the increased crit from our idols actually end up giving us more crit, then just base crit idols. The base crit on chest is so powerful that it ups your crit chance by a lot, thanks to the fact you don’t have to waste your idol slots on base crit. 1 suffix on your chest is less investment then 4 idol slots. Now lets look at the numbers, at 12% base crit, 7% from the chest (which can be better I believe) and 5% base, we are at 12%. So if you have lets say 40% crit chance increased per idol, each of those is at least 4.8% additonal flat crit. While the idols only give 2% per. I will be honest, in comparison to the chest piece, the idols are trash. Thats just my opinion though. If you use the idol slots, you do have an extra chest suffix, which is ok, but for higher crit you want base crit on the chest, and inc crit on idols.

I just want to point out that almost all builds use Skills and passives so the formulas a bit more complex that just Chest VS idol when inquiring about Flat VS increased on idols

You can get 150% minion critical strike in passive tree. The reason idols are important is:

  1. 12% Flat base (7% chest + 5% base) x (40% increased x4 idols + 150% passives increased) = 49% Crit chance

  2. 20% Flat base (7% Chest + 5% Base + 2%x 4 idols) x 150% passives increased = 50% Crit chance

Even without a single minion crit chance inside skills trees or a single affix on gear of increased crit chance your 1% better with the flat base idols the return becomes greater as you put more increased on gear or through skills (skeletons gets 110% increased crit in skill tree)

Thanks all for the feedback.

Due to the increased crit chance from Nec skill tree I think its better with +x% base idol. Also I crafted a GG chest with +base crit and +increased crit chance. Though still farming for more shards to get them to T5. Hopefully it won’t fractured haha. I feel like the crafting chance in this game is a bit iffy and deceiving.

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After playing for a while, I think this is one the the strongest if not the strongest necro minion build out there. Much less clunky compared to the fire wraith build and doing ALOT of more damage due to crit.

I optimized my gear a bit, here the footage ( I down Lagon pretty fast, almost really never went into the adds phase.

For damage, the flat base damage is a must take from necro passive (Unearthed Arms and Moonlight Pyre) + adaptive spell damage from the base necro helmet. It will boost the damage by a lot.

For minion survivability, minion dodge+leech on crit overshadow the +health/health regen significantly. You don’t even need the +health/health regen on gear just try to always prioritize the minion dodge. I have over 1400 dodge but I think 1000+ should be fine. Since this will give your minion enough time to leech thier health back.

Yep all you listed was why I wanted to make this version. Every other Necro I saw was too clunky for me. Also good call on the ivory helm! I forgot about that! I played the build for like 3 days and moved on, so I didn’t totally refine it. I do that intentionally because imo that’s the whole point of the game, is to experiment, and if I show you the finished product, you won’t feel it’s necessary to experiment or be creative! I show you the concept, you get to finish it and make it yours!

Totally! Guide = Blueprint. Anyone can optimized/adjust to their own liking/preference.

Another thing about multiple projectiles from archers/mages, it does shotgun effect on the bosses which makes the damage literally insane. Also, armor shred from necro passive + mark of death on idol = more damage haha.

For speed running echos tho I switch out the two rings for 2x aboreal rings and boot for the eterra path for a lot more move speed so you can breeze through echos.

Havn’t try pushing over 100 echos or Arena but I think thats when minion health become more important so they won’t get one-shotted due to the increase in monster damage the further you progress.

Are you sure about that? Generally, projectiles that are launched at the same time don’t shotgun (eg, Hungering Souls, multi projectile fireball, Multishot without the Giant Slayer node) while projectiles that are fired sequentially can all hit the same target.

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For some reason it seems the ice projectiles from the mages are shot gunning for no reason, go ahead and test it on the dummy :rofl:

They do seem to be absorbed by the dummy but they don’t do damage. My Ice Mages were doing 95 damage per hit regardless of whether they were standing at a distance (only 1 projectile hits) or right up close (all projectiles being absorbed by the dummy). So that looks like a bug.

Ok so it’s just a bug alright :smiley: I didn’t look to far into it. I have to keep moving on :rofl:

Here the Video -->

I think its pretty clear. All 3 projectiles hit = 3 damage numbers for me. Not sure why yours is “absorbed” by the dummy.

Also, shotgun effect/all projectiles hit up close is very intuitive/make sense. The closer your to the target all projectiles should hit especially on large targets/bosses. When you mention “generally” projectiles won’t shotgun, it just how this game works? I mean it doesn’t make much sense when you are up-close and you shoot 3 projectiles only 1 hit, while other two just pass through your target.

so far most mechanics that rely on projectiles cannot shotgun unless they say so

I see.

Well that’s very counter intuitive to be honest. Imagine that projectiles just passes through the target like it’s not there lol. But hey if its intended that way for this mechanic in LE then I guess I can’t argue about that.

They use it to balance the game, but there are certain skills (like hungering souls) that are terrible objectively because of it, so Idk what they want to do then

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Fix the bug then deal with any balance issues.

Thanks, I’ve used your video for the bug report

Hey guys this seems liek a great build I want to try, have there been any major changes to the build with the last updates? Which skill do I use for leveling? TY and keep up the good work!