Shurikens not displaying or registering damage on 1 character?

Hi, so I noticed while following a build guide that the video had shurikens flying over the place (sleight of hand node, where shurikens are thrown at the end of a shift, up to 5) and realized my game had none. I have 5 points allocated. I also have blade shield allocated (shurikens cast around you). However, the build guide does to and it still throws out shurikens in the video and I dont see why they’d conflict.

Anyway, here’s some interesting things I noticed:

It’s not just a lack of animation of shurikens. If I assign a button to shurikens and throw them manually, it’ll show my character perform the shuriken throwing animation but… no shurikens show up. And further more, no damage is registered where I point them at - so it’s not that they’re not displaying, it’s like they’re not existing.

I wondered if it was my computer or files or something so I made a new rogue and got to level 2, assigned shurikens to a button, and like last time it shows the animation BUT it also shows the shurikens AND registers their damage!

I have no idea what’s going on. Do I need to maybe reset my shuriken tree or something? That would suck. If anyone has any ideas it would really appreciated because I’m missing quite a lot of utility and damage from shurikens not existing on my character.

I should emphasize that during testing, I made sure to try shifting and not shifting to have or lack a shield blade of shurikens. In both cases, whether I have shurikens around me, or if I don’t and am only just throwing them and haven’t shifted recently, they do not appear nor register damage.

I suspect there’s a bug between summoning shurikens and the blade shield node interaction. But that’s just my guess. Any feedback is appreciated.

Update: I deallocated 5 points :frowning: and got rid of blade shield. Now the shurikens show up and do damage. Is this a new thing? It was always the case that you could have a blade shield and throw shurikens at the end of a shift.

Also, my shadows don’t throw shurikens? But in videos they do for other people with the same shift and shurikens tree.

Hey there. Welcome to the forum…

This kind of question would probably be more visible in the bug thread - technical is more for crashing etc…

Firstly, Sleight of Hand in Shift, procs the Shuriken skill as you have it spec’d so Blade Shield would no longer allow it to throw shurikens at all… But it should form a Blade Shield around you after shifting… that interaction is common, done it myself with plenty of Rogue builds and it works as expected. Just checked an existing rogue I have and its working perfectly.

Blade Shield will prevent any and all Shurikens from being thrown - thats what the node does…

If you are not seeing the actual Shurikens circle your character then something is very odd. Shadows should also still initiate Shurikens as they should - again, this is something I have used plenty of times and know it happens.

I am not sure what build guide you are referring to so I cannot say how they are setting it up or if there is some other interaction that is happening.

It would also be useful if you posted your build via lastepochtools build planner (icons on the left to upload your build and share the links).

You also dont indicate if you are using Steam or not and you dont include your player.logs so its hard to guess if you may actually be having a technical issue…

If you are using Steam, I would recommend that you do a game file verification to ensure that your install is Ok and you dont have missing or corrupted files that could be causing a problem.

Thank you for the reply and help. My bad, I should’ve linked my planner - and yes I’m on steam. Yeah, I understand blade shield should stop any shurikens from being thrown, its usually picked for armor and phys shred. However, I wasn’t seeing any shurikens after shifting but after a steam verification it works now. No idea why it was that specifically. Thank you for pointing that out completely forgot about trying to verify the installation.

Glad it was a simple as doing a game verification… It is a little odd how often game verification seems to fix things… Not sure if its Steam, Unity or even just LE being in beta that is corrupting or loosing files… Am chalking it up to just some sort of beta bug and I am hoping that the need to do this will get less as the game nears completion…

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