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Showing Loot/Pick up loot AFTER a filtered drop

I am curious if its possible for items to show up, after loot filter is turned off.
Pretty sure this can be done in similar games. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong.

Basically, say I fight some mobs, and there is a large pile of loot but only 1 ring because of my loot filter. Can I turn the filter off, somehow to pick up the rest of the loot?

The filters are great, but it’s nice to sell the junk gear.

I think its the Z or X key, cant remember exactly which one. It disables the loot filter when pressed.

sure, I can disable the loot filter.
That’s not my issue.

Once I do, the gear/loot that is already on the ground won’t get their tags back.
I can’t pick it up.

I want to.

I manually turn the loot filter on and off, as pushing down on the key, will turn loot filter off and letting key come back up turns it on. Good thing I can just go into the loot filter window and just turn it off.

That is odd, if i hold down my X key when there is items on the ground that my loot filter has filtered out i can see them and pick them up while holding the key down.

Or did i misunderstand what you’re trying to do?

Here is how it looks for me. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

When pressing Z make sure you get “Ground Item Tooltips Visible”. There is a bug where if you have ground tooltips hidden and items are on the ground that your lootfilter filters out it wont ever show the tags.

Ok, I found the problem.

I had said earlier, how, if I push the button for Loot filter on/off, it just scrolss on/off one after another. Like it sees my DOWN button and letting button up–as two different key presses.

I fixed it by Holding Z and then I click and pick up each item as it SHOWS the items while holding Z down.

Thanks helping me figure that out.

Z by default is a toggle to completely show/hide all item labels.

X by default is a toggle to temporarily disable the loot filter while holding the button down.

Anyone have occasional issues after using Z or X? Like, the loot filter stops working, as in, it hides everything! Sometimes uniques drop with no name and just a brown square outline? Fixed by restarting client.

I heard of that issue several times already.
Never experienced it by myself once.

That’s a known bug.

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Thanks. I don’t know if I made it clear,
My issue came by the fact that single button presses counted as 2 key pushes.

So if something was enabled or disabled—one key press would make it enabled then disabled immediately. The push down ENABLED and then letting the key back up Disabled.

But, I found a way around that, I just HOLD the key down while I use my cursor to pick up what I want.

This is the intended behaviour.

This is not a bug.