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Shortcut keys do not work without pushing ALT

I have not played in several days. I logged in tonight and none of the standard shortcuts work (M for Map for instance). They seem to work if I hold ALT first. No idea what has happened to cause this. If I go into the Input Keys and reset defaults it does not change anything. Cannot play like this.

I should add…I only use mouse and keyboard, no controllers.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

This is an odd one that I have not seen before on the forums…

There have been issues with newer versions of keyboard & mouse software messing things up but nothing that has done this specifically…

  • Do you have any keyboard / macro apps running?

  • Am assuming the keyboard is working fine in other apps - especially games. Can you confirm?

  • Did you update anything on your system recently? No matter how minor.

  • Did you inadvertently enable any Windows Accessibility features?

  • Do you have any antivirus apps running to ensure that you dont have something nefarious running on your system (keyloggers etc.)?

  • Try verifying the game files through Steam. Perhaps something is corrupted.

Can you post your dxdiag and player logs? There may be something in those files that could indicate what is happening.

None of your questions was the answer. I re-started my computer more than once, re-started the game numerous times. I re-installed the game and that fixed the issue. No idea what caused it to begin with and I hope it does not pop back up again.

Well… This action would have replaced the game files - i.e. just what verifying the game files would have done - either method, it could only have been an corrupted install if re-installing worked. Corrupted game files are possible especially if the game has crashed, frozen or did not shutdown properly in the past.