Shift - Casting/Stand Still

I have not found it in game yet, but holding Shift to stand still while casting is paramount, e.g., trying to target mobs while using primary skills (left click) and running in circles or straight into mobs. The alternative would be to hold Shift and cast from a distance.

If it is already in-game, please point me in the right direction.



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Same. This feature is present in all ARPGs since D1. Please add it!



If you look in the Gameplay section of the settings menu, there is an option for “Move to melee attack enemies that are out of range”. If that option is enabled, using a Melee skill while hovering your mouse over an enemy will move you towards the enemy before attacking. Currently there is no mechanic that will force you to move before using a ranged skill, as far as I know.

If you have this “Move to melee attack enemies that are out of range” option enabled, you can hold Shift to override it. I have noticed that pressing Shift has no effect if you are also holding down a key bound to using a skill, is this what you’re referring to?

I’ve just tested this, so if you’re experiencing different behavior I would really appreciate hearing what skills and weapons you are using. Thanks!

He is talking about the no cast/force cast key in Diablo 3.

Melee skills, if they are on the right mouse button or keyboard key, will not cast if you are out of range of an enemy and allow you to use it as a move button. The second you are range of an enemy, it will use the melee ability on them. You can override that with “shift” to attack no matter where you are, even if an enemy is not in range. Note, you do not need to target a specific enemy for it to work.

Ranged abilities will stop you from using the button/key to move and instead will attack no matter how close or far an enemy is. If, however, you press shift, you will move and not cast an ability.

This allows you to have more choice on moving and attacking.

um… if you wanna cast from a distance just stop pushing the left mouse botton to move and use what ever skill it is you want.

That is where there is a minor skill play difference.

Left mouse can be used as spell casting button. Since it is going to move first and fire second, the shift key trick makes it easy to handle a fast ranged build. I do not like most of them since the expansion came to D3.

I know I prefer the right mouse button for melee classes in it, but that is because it will let me move until I get in range of a mob and then the melee skill is used. And to be clear here, I dont have to click on a mob to do it. I just hold it down to move like you do with the left mouse button, but it will attack when you MOVE within range. The targetting of which mob is auto-targetted by that is flaky, but it makes for a much more smooth melee play.

I have played with move to enemy enabled in LE and with it turned off. When you have it off and you hold down right mouse button, it just attacks where you are. If you have it on, unless you click on an enemy, you sit still one attack air. If you click on an enemy, you will run to the enemy and start attacking.

It seems pretty minor, but it makes melee gameplay so much smoother to let you hold down the attack button and move like you are pressing the left mouse button until you get in range and then it acts like you had clicked on the enemy.

Let me know if that makes no sense on the difference. I am still not certain if I explained right.

I could not agree more. I can’t play this game with it’s current control limitation. I have tried caster and melee with and without a game controller and I hate the controls for all of them. I thought the game controller would be better but having to target things with the right stick while moving with the left stick in order to cast ranged spells or even to interact with NPCs is super annoying for me. In town, shouldn’t I be able to just walk up to an NPC to interact without having to move the cursor over them with the right stick? Same for picking up items on the ground. Hate these controls and really want to like the game.

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After playing Wolcen, I am even more certain on what I said about D3’s right mouse button/melee skill interaction would be a nice thing to have in LE.

D3 is pretty mediocre as an ARPG goes. The one place it smashes most games into the ground is the smoothness of the gameplay. Wolcen showed how to do it badly between constantly getting caught on corners when a skill is used and how annoying it is to use a single target melee skill.

What makes D3 do it so well, is that when you bind a melee skill to any button other than the left mouse button, it acts as a movement button until you are in range of any enemy, then it starts attacking that enemy. For large groups of trash, it is wonderful. Even for single targets you want, it is good since you can use the shift key to act as a force move. You get out of a bad spot, then let go of shift and go right back to attacking.

Wolcen shows why forcing a melee skill to be on point targetting. I have started attacking an enemy, but cannot move unless I hit the move button a ways away from the group. In a group, if you click on one enemy to attack, I have had the game cause me to, literally, start running in circles.

So, once again, can we get the option to have the right mouse button, at least, allow melee skills to move and autotarget when in range?


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