Shield rush not working- is it a bug or my fault?

Does anyone know why the first time I use shield rush it works and the second time it craps out immediately? Please see video below. Is this a bug I should submit or is there something I’m missing? Appreciate the help! I just started playing and am having a blast but shield rush not working is super frustrating. Since it worked the first time I’m assuming there’s something I’m doing wrong/missing. This is online mode also.


I don’t know what’s the problem, but rampage in werebear form behaves the same way. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it just ends immediately, going on cooldown.
I think it somehow depends on the terrain.

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Yeah, it’s a bug with the zone/terrain. Flame Rush does the same thing in this fight.

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As @Iceberg stated. All channeling-style movement skills do this in certain terrains. You see it most predominate in Alpine Halls and, the area that has lots of water (can’t remember the name of it, Lake something, I think) but it also happens in canyon areas and others.

It’s been bug-reported numerous times and for me is one of the most frustrating bugs because I play sentinel a lot and shield rush is an often go-to on the bar for moving with good efficiency. I sincerely hope it gets fixed real soon.

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Just ran into the same issue in that fight using Shield rush.
Fortunately my Paladin is tanky & didn’t die.
Bug report submitted & hopefully they’ll fix it soon.