Shattering Items Frustrations

I’m the kind of person who saves items with affixes I want so I can shatter them later on. This means that sometimes I shatter 50 items in a row. It is extremely frustrating when you finish shattering items only to find out that it swapped the shatter item with your equipped item, and you just shattered your most powerful ring…

This has happened on multiple occasions, and yes I am being careful, but I also don’t want to sit here for 30 minutes to shatter items. I REALLY wish there was a better way to go about shattering items, like mass shattering, or a setting for a pop-up if you are trying to shatter an item of a certain rarity.

With an item filter so well done, it surprises me that there is a lack of filters elsewhere.

Also as a sidenote, can we get more sell options? Like a “Sell inventory” or “Sell all [RARITY]”

It was suggested in the comments for there to be implemented a “Lock Gear” system where you can lock equipment in place, so no accidental unequipping can be done.


It only happened because you did it, it’s not a bug or random. If you right click an item it will equip and swap whatever you had equipped. That’s just your fault, not the fault of the game system in any way.

Also you shouldn’t need to mass shatter items at all. You are only using one shard at a time when you craft, you don’t need hundreds of shards in your bank and most shards are very common for pickup. Shattering isn’t even the best method for getting important shards. Rune of removal guarantees shards for whatever it removes while shatter doesn’t.

There’s also zero reason to sell things. Items have incredibly low value. Most people that have played a while will just drop stuff on the ground rather than opening the vendor dialogue. You get nothing for selling and it’s a waste of time.


I never said it was a bug. I literally acknowledged that it was my own fault.

If I see value in mass shattering items, I’m allowed to play that way. Last Epoch is super welcoming in letting you play whatever way you want to. Just because something isn’t the meta doesn’t mean it won’t make for a nice QoL feature. I even said it could be something as simple as a setting toggle for those who want to. Which means those who dont care never have to even see it.

Saying there is zero reason to sell things feels quite ignorant. Sure things might only be worth 20-150 gold or so, but if you have 20+ items in your inventory, that’s still a few thousand gold for selling a full inventory. depending on the value and size. It’s not very worth due to the time it takes to sell things.
Why restrict the people who want to sell all the junk just because others don’t care about gold? Might as well get rid of the sell feature entirely then.

I don’t understand having such a close minded view on things. I am not in the bug report section. I am in the feedback and suggestions section. I was giving feedback, and suggested things I personally would like to see in the game.


If you were careful, this wouldn’t happen, to be honest.

Your feedback isn’t bad, though. I sometimes carry additional gear to swap (when I need to jiggle with my resistances, for example, or because I want to test a few things).
This happened to me once, too, that I shattered an important item. Absolutely my fault because I fell into a routine - this happens easily if you shatter many items with the same desired modifier in a row.

Rather than having complete overhauls to the system and mass shattering, I would like a simple “lock” function, so the locked item can’t be sold or forged/shattered accidentally. It’s an established system that works quite well.


Being able to lock items would be amazing. This comment was way better and friendlier than the first one. There would be no need for any overhaul. It would purely be additions to the existing system.

*edit: Corrected mistake as I am dumb lol


The first comment wasn’t mine, though, that was someone else :wink:

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Ah, my mistake. That does make sense since the whole vibe felt different. I just saw the matching profile pictures.

My friend your initial post was the only ignorance. And I’ve explained that you were wasting your time in two instances but now you want to defend your time wasting. Okay, do whatever you want. But the devs will not change a system that is intentionally designed this way. They made it this way so you wouldn’t waste your time, and the rest of us are grateful because we hate devs that don’t take our time seriously.

You can either adapt or keep being frustrated, but your frustration is still entirely your fault. I have shown you the way out, it’s up to you to decide if you’d rather just stay upset or not.

Why are you being so dismissive? What a way to welcome the new playerbase. Why even have a suggestions section if by your logic they have designed everything the exact way it needs to be with no changes allowed to be made.

You can either try to be more of a human being or continue to be stubborn and dismiss anyone sharing their feedback. I have shown you the way out, it’s up to you to decide if you’d rather just stay rude or not.


Any system that does not have fail safe and can easily trigger accidental interactions isnt good enough. The forge can definitely be improved. And item locking should be a basic feature in 2024.


And while we are at it: Yesterday I accidentally destroyed an item by chaning an affix with a chaos glyph which still was in the slot.
And since I otherwise never use chaos glyphs and have a glyph of hope in the slot for 99.99% of the time I just hit the button without noticing.

That said, it would be nice to prevent these kind of accidental item modifications as well.

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I have actually posted about something similar before, where I accidentally while shattering multiple items somehow switched my equipped item and then shattered it.
Would be nice with a “Are you sure?” pop-up that you can set to appear based on maybe the item level or rarity.

I am all for an item locking system. Its a great way to prevent feel bads no matter how rare they can be.


Fully agreed.