Option to lock gear from being shattered

Would be greatly appreciated if we could lock the gear we are currently wearing from being shattered.
I just lost my wand to a shatter while mass shattering gear in my bag. A simple misclick must have swapped out my equipped wand with one I was going to shatter. Yes my fault for speed shattering. But an option to lock items from shattering would save the heartbreak. Just halved my dps in one misclick :frowning:


Yeah, a ‘favorite’ feature on items would be nice. To prevent accidental selling/shattering… as well as helping identify them in inventory or stash.


We already have this thread here: link

Thanks for the link. Didn’t have the time or inclination to read the whole forum before trying to be helpful. Wont happen again.

Don’t feel bad, judging from how often this kind of thing happens, most of us are convinced the forum Search functionality is/was linked to EU server stability.

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I am the guy who made the other thread and I fully agree with you. Your title was definitely better than mine, and the gear locking option is one someone suggested in the comments which is definitely the best way to go about this!
I voted for this post as well so the devs can hopefully see the need for such a QoL feature.
Don’t feel bad for making a post that someone has already made a post about. We all have different wording, and one thread might appeal to more people than the other.

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