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Shatter Strike - 100k tooltip dps - 0.8.1c

Hi, this is the first guide I make, so any feedback is more than welcome.

First of all, this build is just a version I tweaked from the Boardman21 Shatter build. You can see his guide here (The shatter King. A 150k Critting Spellblade that destroys everything with Cold. 0.8.1c)

Before diving into the planner I wish to explain what changed from Boardman version:

1- Polished talent points: there was some nosense points we can spend better somewhere else (Fira Aura convert to Cold both in talents and in Flame Ward skill tree), more;

2- Removed most of the passives/nodes giving Fira Aura. No damage at all, no utility at all, the only passive in synergy with it was Blade of Fires (1-5% melee elemental damage per stack of Fire Aura). We get more damage with Blade Weaver, since we use Mana Strike for recovering mana anyways, this is much more DPS, expecially in bosses (we dont really need dmg for clearing, we oneshot everything);

3- Removed attack speed nodes. I find them useless, expecially considering Shatter Strike mana cost. We hit harder instead, keeping Mana Strike attack speed to stack mana, Ward, and Blade Weaver stacks;

4- Improved all skill passive points to get more defense/damage;

5- More emphasis on Ward and Ward Retention: most of the time I surge into a pack and I have 2k Ward, so I decided to invest some points in Ward Retention and I think was worth it.

6- Enchant Weapon node “Desperation” is crazy damage if you use it properly. If you arn’t lazy like me you can remove Enchant Weapon from auto cast and use it after you dump all mana with shatter strike, otherwise is still a good dmg increase anyways.

Planner: Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner


  • last 6 points are up to you. You can get more flat cold melee dmg nodes, life or whatever you wish.

  • gear is pretty much the same, just get a Battlemage Robes for Ward retention implicit instead. It’s so much better. I need to test more stuff and I will update gear section too.

Playstyle: Surge into a pack to get 1-2k Ward, Shatter Strike. Use a couple Mana Strike if you need mana (also for Blade Weaver stacks for bosses). Enjoy the 100k+ crit numbers around.


Thanks for the “updated” guide :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance have loot filter for this build?
Thank you!

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The lootfilter I’m using is very basic tbh, just recolour the bases I need, and the affixes im gonna shatter/some rare affixes (even for other builds lol).

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Update → I’m trying different stuff but Im failing at my ultimate goal: being very tanky without sacrificing too much damage. Since this is my first character in this game I’m far from knowing what to do, expecially with defenses. My res are all capped, and investing heavy into ward may not work sometimes (lows and highs). But Im still only lvl 81, and I have all the time to try new stuff. Enjoying almost everything so far about this game :love_you_gesture:

Yeah, that’s my main issue as well.
Damage seems great, but i can easily get nuked out of nowhere if not careful.

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Since apparently I can’t edit the first post, I’ll drop the updated planner here, with the gear Im currently using (imported from my actual character).

Everything is far from optimal, but that’s what I got :roll_eyes:

Right now I’m hunting better rings, and Life gained on hit suffix on 2nd sword. Also Idols suck.

(Resistances are all capped, Idk why they are like that in the planner, also HP, I have almost 1200 ingame. A lot of stuff is not showing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Thanks for the update sir !
I’ll follow your guide to make the same build :slight_smile:

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Lvl 90 tree: Spellblade, Level 90 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

With the last 10 points I’m gonna finish Mental Fortitude and Prodigy probably.

Using a unique helmet with almost perfect rolls, I think it’s not bad for this build (and now I look like a Mandalorian lol).

It looks like you’re going in the right direction with your build. I’m interested to know how well ward retention works for the build. I know that this game doesn’t work the same as other games like Diablo/POE for defensives. Getting resistance capped isn’t super important. I know with the original build it focused very heavily on dodge rating. I would prefer to use dodge over the ward retention as you’re completely avoiding any damage or chance for stun. One thing i’ve noticed while playing shatterstrike that having movement speed is very good as it allows you to dodge the projectiles or the dangerous effects on the ground. Those are what usually kill me when im doing runs.

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Why not low-life if you are using that helment?

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Ward retention seems to be be working decent, effectively increasing my life pool (I never drop under 300+ ward with my current retention + w/s) with big spikes at flame ward and surge.

Do you think capping res is not that important? Im new here and I’m trying to find a good balance for defenses. Not a big fan of having 7 elements to cover, + stun immunity, crit avoidance, other defenses. It’s hard to get everything with just 2 suffixes per item + implicits.

The dodge version I tried was dying a lot, because lower ehp, lower resistances and if I get hit I die.

And yeah I definitely need better boots.

I have to try a LL version tbh, but on paper losing dex and +2 shatter strike level + defensive suffixes sound meh. Exsanguinous doesn’t give much beside ward.

Depends how much life & ward retention you have.

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Corect me if I’m wrong but isn’t ward part of defence as well? Flameward has “Desperate Defence” that gives more ward if you are LL and if you go Spellblade “Mental Fortitude” into “Prodigy” you have ward per second as well. So any damage taken can be mitigated with Flameward (I think mine gives me 1k+ ward at level 55, or about 2k+ ward in total on the level 55 character) and ward regen.

I’ve had a blast leveling it as LL, I’ll update once I’m done with the Monolith’s but so far I’m enjoying the playstile :slight_smile:

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You’re totally right, I didn’t mean LL is not viable, it’s just a choice between more survivability or more damage. Right now I’m doing empowered bosses with hybrid version so I dont feel like switching

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