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Share your graphic settings (that works for you)


Been trying various different settings and haven’t found any that works for me personally.

So I figured people can share their working settings here and maybe add a quick note of your GPU/CPU. Mainly to help others get started :slight_smile:

Maybe this should be in technical Forum not General but interresting thread…

I have Problems with FPS.
My Game run with Ultra but there are FPS sometimes under 20 in Arena, average is ~60 FPS.
The weird Thing is, if I go in high, medium or even low my fps is getting worse. Only very low fps raise to 100+. I have no clue why.

WIN 10 Pro 64 bit
System and game is on a nvme m.2
Ge Force RTX 2070
i7 9700k @3.6 GHZ
16GB Ram
Coming from EU/Germany if this matter.

So i Play with Ultra because Nothing else work except very low…

I moved the thread!

Interesting, it seems to be the case here too. Tried to lower my settings but it seems like it’s running about the same or just minor improvements. What do you have selected on the “Memory Allocation” and render mode?

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