Shard AutoLoot?

I hate having to stop every other kill to click shards. Thanks. :D, Please add some way to auto pick them up so we can farm efficiently. =^.^=


they have said countless times that they aren’t going to add this. I hope they will at least make the vacuum effect wider. That way if I click on 1 every shard on screen gets picked up. Right now the vacuum effect isn’t wide enough as I will usually have to click on 2 or 3 of them per pack kill.

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Is there a specific reason they don’t want to add it?

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They want them to be items. Currently they dont feel like that for lots of players, but if they give them auto loot now, they can never take it away which may limit their design for shards later.

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I see, thanks for the reply, makes a bit more sense, maybe since I’m only around level 30’s they don’t feel as important like items till I need certain ones to drop or something. My understanding on how important or in what way they are used for end game isn’t really a thing for me yet. I’ll just need to get used to it, or look up a few guides on how to use them properly.

They don’t feel more important later, either.

It’s a design decision made by the devs that they stick on since the first shard dropped in this game. They want to artificially give these things some weight. Even the 2d art for crafting mats in your inventory got an update along the road as well as the newly added animation when you click on “send to stash”.

I don’t like games that kind of “autoplay”. Automated looting leaves a bad taste for me as we see this in many asia grinders. I dont mind clickin on a single shard and see all ithers being sucked in as well. This already is a nice QoL. Maybe the devs could increase the vacuum radius slightly.

But I still don’t get, why I have to see the crafting mats messing up my inventory and forcing me to click on the “send” button. This doesnt add weight, it just adds annoyance for me.

But I already have grown a beard from this argument alone… :pensive:


Pseudo-items. Thongs that modify items but aren’t equipable. Not sure I agree with them.

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Im not sure I do either. But I do know that auto pick up limits any future plans of making them more then gold piles on the floor. Because you cannot remove auto loot once you have added it.

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I wouldnt mind removing shards from drops completly and moving the aquisition elsewhere. As of now its just a chore picking them up until you have enough to never bother again. This will get stale really fast (at least for me) with seasonal play where i would have to do it every x month.

You did it again buddy. Fix that autocorrect on your phone. :crazy_face:

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I’m pretty sure it’s my subconscious trying to tell me something (I know exactly what & I’m not averse to it but you know, it’s a journey).

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I also wish we’d auto pick them up. It’s especially extra clunky with controller. I like the devs, but this is a weird hill to die on. It adds nothing to the player experience to stop to pick them up, then stop to send them to the crafting bag every so often. It’s just extra gunk in the gears, it doesn’t make the experience better or more valuable.

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I would love to see an option for this system to be added. My ADHD wants to pick-up everything but my clicking finger says I’m tired so I end up passing by a lot of stuff I wouldn’t mind storing.

It definitely slows down my micro gameplay when I am in the flow of a zone and its so annoying when I just want to to run and gun. They just end up stacking in my inventory anyway and I have to make another micro-movement to store them.

This is my biggest QOL and would be a cherry on-top if ever changed.

They forget that aside from RARE shards, nobody even registers that they are picking them up, just picking them up on autopilot

Might I suggest a compromise; Add a toggle key for auto looting shards/runes/etc. That way, down the road when there becomes a purpose in having them as items, the player can choose for themselves if they’d like to interact with that facet of the game.

Their point of view though is that this is just autoloot with extra steps (which it is). Especially if you had a very strict loot filter so you only saw the items that you wanted with the affixes you wanted.

I would like to have this. Since there might be very small amount of players that prefer to interact with the shards and inspect them for later on. So having this would give us majority of the player base an option to autoloot it without hurting the other party (those who want to click them on manually).

Besides I think having to click it manually feels like just something you would do in tutorial, once you dump a couple hundreds of hours in the game, it just becomes a bother. And them adding a special animation for the shards if you transfer it doesn’t really help, or make it feel satisfying or mean anything at all imo. And I feel like the game became a bit more laggy when picking up shards but this might be another problem or something has been in the game which I just noticed recently.

And I really don’t see how autolooting makes the game automated or too passive. This is just my stance on this. Peace everyone.

So you didn’t see the post above yours?

So you didn’t see the post above yours?

I’m not sure what you mean but aside from me agreeing about the toggle feature, I just also pointed out that having autoloot doesn’t make the game automated even if it really is just an “autoloot with extra steps”. And I said that was just my stance about this topic hence I want the feature to be added. I don’t know why you have to point this one out

I find the shard displaying and looting to be so annoying that I stopped looting them entirely after getting a decent stash of them. Please change this. This is the opposite of fun.