Shard AutoLoot?

A lot of builds are so fast at clearing you end up in this YoYo effect of going back and forward to loot the shards and to make matters worse the AoE Vacuum is not big enough.

I absolutely love this game and i hate Auto Bot do everything for you games but after playing the game for hundreds of hours with a mass collection of shards it just seems more like a hassle than anything else with the current system.

I actually played this game when we could only loot x1 shard at a time so I know from experience how much the vacuum QoL helped, However I suspect that when a growing amount of the community have hundreds of hours the balance will shift.

I was also part of the Voting system on the Grim Dawn Alpha and took part in the GD alpha, I remember all the players who voted against Auto Loot components before the game was even in beta. Almost 90% of the community voted against Auto loot components and guess what happened, thousands of hours later and we are crying for the Auto Loot feature on components and it gets added even although it was voted against by the initial community.

Now GD doesnt have an Auction House and they did not plan for one and I can only assume that the very reason LE dont want to add Auto loot shards is because they are worried about the impact it might have on the economy. My suggestion is to implement it before an economy gets started or in a years time every one on the forums will be crying for it exactly like grim dawn.

This is clearly a massive choice for EHG and I just hope what ever stance they finally decided to take is a good one as I dont fully understand the backlash against a brilliant QoL. that needs a little tweak =p

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Don’t think you’ll be able to trade shards, just items (unless I misread the faq).

Ditto. Having to hit the ‘Tranfer Crafting Materials’ button every time is just an unnecessary level of additional tedium