Shade of Orobyss farming

I have been trying to obtain the Amulet from Shade, but after all weekend trying various things i’m about to pull my hair out! Can anyone confirm yet if they have obtained it?

only boots and ring so far :confused:

I have received it multiple times.

Plenty of boots & rings for me so far but then again I am only farming him at level 80… Havent attempted a lvl 100 farm yet…

@Foe is it level dependant? Dammits website says lvl 75 required…

since corruption goes hand in hand with item rarity, i’d assume pumping this up in empowered mono gives the best odds for dropping the amulett.

It can’t drop in normal monolith

Bingo… that explains my lack of drops… will have to whip out the old spellblade for some empowered farming…

Only from empowered timelines?
That’s good to know, thanks! Just curious, where did you get the info? I’d like to know how I could have known it without asking. :sweat_smile:

There are other requirements, but it’s far more amusing to not tell you and watch everyone fumble around. :smile:


like myself lol. Thanks for the little info though

do i need to throw all the rings at him he already dropped a thousend times before? :smiley:

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Haha good idea, but no, that’s not the additional requirement :smiling_imp:

Now i’m curious! I sort of knew there was some kind of requirement but got me beat.

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Can we just admire your Username :D…

That’s pretty fitting for this topic LOL

:slight_smile: the devs would be sad if we just told everyone how they dropped. Sorry.

Sad? If you’re not going to even help people with the topic why even reply in here. Getting post counts up and being smug?

Pretty much. But it’s mainly that I know the devs want people to discover this kind of thing by themselves rather than have it all datamined & served up to them on a platter on day 1.

does Orobyss drop anything other than a ring? I’ve killed him countless times and that is the only drop I’ve seen. I haven’t killed him without dying first though. This have an impact on loot table?

I’ve heard you need to be in Emp. Monolith lvl 100 + 250+ corruption. But I can’t confirm it.
Seems like in normal Monos you only can get rings (much higher chance) or boots (lower chance)

Shade does have 5 unique in total.

2 of them are very similar to Monolith Boss drops, one is very common(the ring) another one is a rare.

Both of them can always drop on a shade kill.

The other 3 unique do have secondary conditions to them to be able to drop.