SERVER location bug

good day, i would only like to followup on another member’s thread on MANUAL server choosing option? because as a player from the Philippines… i found it very odd to be placed in the US WEST servers for some reason… it is also because of this, my gameplay has been very laggy and if i would opt to play with my friends via multiplayer, it would cause my account to be disconnected…

i hope you guys could do something for the community… and if possible for me, to be moved to the South East Asia region servers…

i also hope no one is experiencing the same issue i have… and if some of you do, please leave a note on this post, hoping the devs would take notice.

that’s all thank you!

you guys have a really great game btw. i forgot to put that out there. :slight_smile: keep up the good work

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Literally been having this exact same issues. Made forum posts and reddit posts and recieved absolutely 0 attention for almost 2 weeks now (13days as of writing this). Its making it impossible to play the game and I don’t know where else to go but to keep posting on forums and praying.

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