Server latency on Mage Shatter Strike

Hi! Recently I started playing in LE with Shatter Strike Mage but I got many problems with that… Cause Shatter Strike has a lot of attack speed and many repeat, it has many lags with that, I can’t control any skills cause after casting Shatter Strike server back me in time and server didn’t unable to handle all attacks.
I can’t ever play with that… I ruined all my Arenas and a lot of maps cause servers lag or what is this? Impossible to play :frowning:

I added video from my gameplay to easy understand what’s happening. My current ping 70-80 (EU West)

Link to video: Last Epoch Server Latency? Ping 70

Any solution ?

Exact same issue on 44 ping, doing shatterstrike frostbite. crazy desync using this skill with focus on attack speed and stacking frostbite.

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yeah… no possible to play this build right now :frowning: so sad! And no fixes and no updates :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: