Server and Latency

So, I currently live in India, and for most games that I play the nearest server is Singapore (poe, LoL, etc.) where I usually play at somewhere between 50 and 60ms.

I don’t know if this is due to lack of servers or some sort of bug, but at the moment the client refuses to connect me to any sort of asian server whatsoever. It keeps sending me into EUW, which at the moment is above 170ping which is borderline unplayable because its a lot worse than it should be. I’m constantly rubberbanding, I kill mobs and they stay alive with 0 hp. I use my mainskill and nothing shoots, 2 seconds later I they fire off from offscreen and I die to mobs I can’t see.

On top of this when I try to play with friends, the entire instance bugs out. None of our zones load and we can’t move. The lag is absolutely unbearable.

Is there any way for me to fix this? Are there any asian servers I can connect to? Because I am 100% sure that EUW is further away than any possible asian server right now.

I apologise if I sound rude or entitled in this post. I am currently rather agitated as I love this game but am struggling to play because my friends and I are all having the same issue with connectivity and its frustrating to not be able to play with them.


I have the same problem, but I live in the EU and I can only connect to US, Asia or Australia servers it seems… I keep exiting the game and relaunching constantly to get a decent ping server(US West), which is still very laggy. :frowning:

Hopefully they fix this soon.

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Same problem in the multiplayer playtest before 0.9 I connected to SEA server without problem and ever since the 0.9 started it keep connecting me and my brother to EUW server

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