Serious Performance Issues with latest patch

I have never really had issue with Last Epoch and frame rate issues till this last major patch. I realize this is in Beta and not optimized yet, that being said I was wondering what was going on with this patch that made such a huge difference as no matter were I am or what I am doing the games frame rate will suddenly drop to 2 to 4 fps for about 5 seconds then go back to normal. Note my system could handle High graphic settings with FPS limit to 120 basically indefinitely will no issues except some more intensive builds or boss fights like have 150 plus wraiths going at once.

I started my investigation by turning all graphic settings to low and turning Antialiasing off. I lowered Framerate cap to 70 because I get horrible stuttering on my monitor with less than that. Same problem. I started monitoring my cpu and gpu usage and found out what is going on. Randomly the game will stop using the cpu and gpu last epoch usage will drop to about 7% then bounce back to 50% usage once the frame rate drop is finished. I am not getting pass 70% total usage for my CPU or GPU so it isnt like i am maxing out and they are force to dump their memory. Dont know if there is a work around but that is where i am at.

DxDiag.txt (132.7 KB)
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Please can you post your player.log files as they contain debug info about what your system is doing while playing and might even hint at what is causing these pauses.

Some comments after looking at your dxdiag and your description:

  1. LE with framerate limiting enabled doesnt max out your GPU and LE generally seldom maxes out the CPU. I expect that once the devs get to dealing with optimising the performance, this will change.

  2. “Since the last patch” have you installed or changed anything generally on your laptop around the same time? Reason I ask is that although 0.8.2 was a big update and had some additional performance issues, its not exhibiting this kind of extreme change for most people so its important to establish if something else changed too… Could be anything, a patch, a driver update etc. There are also Windows Updates that caused huge fps drops that were released just before 0.8.2 dropped so you may want to check what OS updates you have done.

  3. Make sure you are NOT using the latest and greatest Nvidia driver - something from the last few months is ok… Do not use version 466.77.

  4. Make sure you verify the game files through steam… corrupted installs can do weird things.

  5. You are using a laptop - its usually very tricky to trace problems with laptops because of the proprietary nature of the tools that are installed and how laptops manage performance to save thermals and battery life… Make 100% sure that your laptop is exclusively using the 2060 GPU for playing LE and that it is set on performance mode - no dynamic performance switching setting as this is an absolute nightmare when gaming.

  6. Playing the game on High graphic settings is known to cause stability issues and is not recommended due to LEs current state. The capabilities of your hardware is secondary at the moment… pushing the settings is just not worth the trade of in stability / hassles for a little eye candy. Even people with much higher spec desktop systems than yours have found that they have to be conservative on settings to either get decent fps or stability.

  7. Make sure that there isnt anything else running while playing LE… as you are having hassles, temporarily do not run or disable any other apps that you may have been using to eliminate them from being a possible cause. Also, make sure that your system is not doing something else at the same time… e.g. something like Indexing thrashing your harddrive etc.

  8. Looking at your dxdiag diagnostic section:

    • There are lots of crashes for AsusSystemAnalysis.exe. A quick search online finds many people having hassles with this Asus tool slowly using more and more memory until it crashes. Apparently its a service with a sheduled task so some people report it doing it over and over while using their systems… The BEX64 refers to buffer issues (i.e. memory). If this is happening while playing then it could be the cause of LE issues. You need to check this and 1) make sure its updated/uninstall and 2) disable it while playing to see if it is the cause of the problems.

    • DTSAPO3Service.exe is another item that you need to look at… also memory related. Apparently has something to do with DTS sound drivers/devices. You need to see what this is complaining about and either reinstall the drivers or remove it.

  9. I would also check your windows Error logs to see what else your computer is reporting as potential issues to deal with.

The game log files are the next place to check for anything…

looking at the DxDiag.txt file I saw a file that had a problem signature called AsusSystemAnalysis.exe and an associated .dll file called ntdll.dll with a little research I found a ASUS site with a fix Asus System Analysis for MYASUS crashes daily over 200 times. I don’t know if this will totally fix your issue for LE but it is definitely a “could be” to a issue. Also, I would also make sure Le is using your RTX 2060 graphics card and not the AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 10 Graphics integrated GPU. I am not a DEV or with LE at all.

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Always happy to have someone else (not from EHG) chip in to help others… I said similar things in points 5 & 8.

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