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Seasons and Followers in Diablo III

Halloween-ish is a close enough estimate for me …

I will likely wait until “that” update b4 making the journey to end-game & beyond.

I have plenty of goals left for D3, WoW, etc. to stave off any boredom. :wink:

Thanks for everyone’s contributions to my thread … much appreciated.

Yeah it’s a bit unusual for those our age to be PC gaming nerds but I’ve been at it since 1981 when I got my first home computer, an Atari 800 :slight_smile:

I also play D3 most seasons although I skipped this past season. Looking forward to messing around with the upgraded followers and “new and improved” Firebird Wiz set in a month or so when the new patch goes live.

Meanwhile I’m just loving Last Epoch, learning tons about builds, crafting etc. I’ve been playing this for less than a month and already have 300 hours in it.

I missed the first few Seasons, but don’t believe I’ve missed any since #3 or 4 …

Got my eyes set on a FB Wiz myself for Season 23 … it’ll also be interesting to see if there is a significant improvement in a Follower’s DPS.

I am anxious to play Last Epoch, but will wait till the re-pop issue is fixed.

Definitely not, but now they are good supports.

I guess if they become a “good support” … that would be a significant difference, (to me) whether as a result of improved DPS or other means. Just looking forward to trying the changes.

Likely you nailed it, though.

I don’t know about you man, but LE made me quit D3 for good. LE makes me feel D3 is too boring even with all the new follower changes…

Hmmm … I thought I knew every D3 acronym there is, but I’m not familiar with LE … I know in D2, LE was Lightning Enchanted. Educate me please … what’s LE?

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Lol, LE is Last Epoch man

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That’s funny … now that I re-read that post … it makes perfect sense. lol

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I like D3 a lot. However, I’ve skipped the last few seasons and haven’t played the game is about 6 months or so. I use to get really excited for the seasons. I’d play them for the first several weeks, complete all the achievements, and get the set. After that I’d get bored and stop playing.

In D3 the best season for me is previous 22 (most interesting theme and earned 3k+ paragons). In this season i’ve achieved the guardian and leave.
And yes for this time D3 is a best in a genre for me. But Last Epoch have all chances to take the place. Here is much works to be done but i think it so many time before release.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember they’re the same genre.
Diablo 3 is perfect for fast paced action while Last Epoch is more about being careful and progress. In D3 mobs are just cadavers-to-be while in Last Epoch all mobs count.
The two games are really enjoyable and great, but for very different moods. ^^

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