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Screen Resolution below Nativ Doesn't Work


I just downloaded that alpha and noticed that at native 4k, my GTX970 has no chance…

But when I set another resolution in the starter, it still starts at 4k in fullscreen, with medium details.

Anyway to chance the screen resolution reliably?

PS: The game really really need install directory selection in the installer. Its a BAD way to reinvent the wheel, and I cannot even imagine the possibilities for data loss if somebody executes the file in their download or user account temp directors (like the default location for stuff like winrar to store contents of zip files… which by the way I did first, so its possible that there is some fake ini file somewhere in $user/appdate/local_low or something.

Hey, very sorry about these two issues.

We’re aware that this is a bit broken at the moment. It’s possible that changing it to Windowed either in-game, or through the graphics .ini file will help. If you want to change it through the .ini file, the relevant entry should be called ModeScreen.

Install Directory
I completely agree with you on this, and it’s not something that the team has explicitly decided not to support. My understanding is that it’s just a case of Alpha™, but I’ll ask them if it’s possible that this could be implemented sooner rather than later.

Ah. I see.

Is in windowed mode resolution directly linked to window size, or can you resize? Because its funny how tiny a full HD window is on a 4k screen, and the game currently really isnt optimized…

edit: just tested it. Works in windowed, and is decently fast in 1080 window size. However, bug report: Your UI scaling is only linked to vertical resolution, so e.g. a 4:3 aspect ratio has hillariously oversized GUI.

Thanks for the report!

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