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Screen minimizing/Muting issue near bottom of screen?

I’m not getting any crashes and I opened up another game but it doesn’t happen with anyone other than LE as far I can see.

When I click in the area right above my abilities, it minimizes the screen, the abilities can be clicked themselves though

If I switch from fullscreen to borderless windowed it fixes that but instead it mutes the game until I click elsewhere

I tried locking cursor even though I only have one monitor used but it doesn’t do anything, I guess it could be a windows setting but it wasn’t happening on the other game I opened

when it mutes, it looks like it’s not muted but somehow made not the active window I guess? I can tell because I can’t use any abilities and my mouse changes color indicating the LE profile is not in use.

Have you attempted to verify the game files? (assuming you are using Steam).

If you have, or it doesnt help anything, then please provide more information as to your setup & the game logs…

player.log/le_graphicsmanager.ini and the output of a dxdiag report (or similar if using Linux)…

Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

I’ve never messed with them so I didn’t try but it looks like its fixed for now.

Tried restarting but that only made it not minimize and just mute, toggled back and forth between windowed and fullscreen once more and looks like it’s okay…for now

Such a strange issue

Cant tell from your reply… Did you verify the game files? Odd things do happen with LE on occassion and verifying the games files tends to resolve them - especially if its not something that is readily reproduceable for other testers/players.

The player.log might have a debug message that hints at what the problem could be…

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I didn’t try, I’ll do it in a few minutes here though

Ah, interesting, I thought it was just crashes and since my game didn’t crash and only kept minimizing I assumed nothing would be of use there

Nah… the player.log is a debug log so its got a lot of info about errors that happen even during play even if the game doesnt crash… Some errors are recoverable so the game just continues… but it may have something related to the screen mode or even audio that either helps us offer a possible solution or the devs a starting point to fix a potential bug…