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Screen freezing for 20 sec every 30 min


I would like to know if you could help me. When playing from time to time my screen is freezing for around 20 to 30 sec then go back to normal and unfreeze…

I don’t understand what is the problem.
I’ve set the graphics to low, here is my config:

I7 4790K
GTX 970 Nvidia Geforce
16go RAM
Installed on SSD…

Sometimes before it happens the sounds and music in game are lagging too.
With the low settings I run from 40 to 50 FPS and the game seems smooth.

Any help please?

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Please can you include the following files:

  1. Player.log - games debug
  2. le_graphicsmanager.ini - settings you are using
  3. output of a dxdiag report - snapshot of your system and drivers.

( Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub)

Generally speaking, freezing is normally associated with higher in-game settings… For example, on my 1060, I run the game at Very low settings @ 1080p with 60fps limits - not because my system cannot run at higher settings smoothly, but because I experience freezes, stuttering or even crashes if I do… Remember LE is beta and unoptimised so issues like this are expected right now.

Without more specific information from files above, all I can recommend in the meanwhile is the following:

  1. Make sure your OS is patched and has no failed updates
  2. Make sure your GPU drivers are recent (2-3 months old)
  3. Verify the game files - very important when experiencing ANY issues with the game
  4. Do not run any other applications while testing LE… doesnt matter how irrelevant you think they might be, just temporarily do not run them.

As a last suggestion based on the repeatable frequency of your “freezes” - check and make 100% sure that nothing you are running in background is affecting the game - i.e. monitor your system processes etc to see if anything is regularly trying to do something while you are playing… Sometimes things like scheduled tasks, virus checking, pending updates etc can cause slowdowns at regular intervals…