Save location

I cannot find where my character saves are. I play on two different computers at different times of the week and its kind of disappointing this isn’t saved on the server I had to create a login for. Either way I manually transfer saves for other games so I don’t mind doing it here but again, can’t find the file.

The saves are not in files.
It’s in the registry tables.

Promethean, I have also just discovered that I cannot play the same character on different devices. I don’t have this issue with Diablo, PoE, etc. Its not a big thing for Beta, but if the Devs retain storing the character info in the registry at launch. I for one will not be playing and I suspect there are many of us out there who will think the same.

Devs please take note.

There is a thread somewhere in the forums with a tool to extract savegames and carry them over to another device. Don’t ask me where thou :D. I think they’ll change the storage methode in the future.

Hi Promethean
This has been asked many times before because it is an uncommon way to store save files. Perhaps there should be a sticky or a short description in the FAQ.
For Windows:

For Linux:

As soon as multiplayer is implemented all character data of an online character are stored on the EHG servers to prevent manipulation.


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