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Sands of Majasa - Beta 0.8.3 Patch Notes

Unable to start the game. I click on the start game button and nothing happens. He won’t start loading the game at all. Please repair. Before the 0.8.3 patch was released, everything was fine. Is it happening to anyone else?

You are not alone:

Great, wonderful. Can’t use Ring of Shields except as a Forgeguard now, and Juggernaut Stance is completely gone. Even if I get the reasoning that’s still incredibly annoying. Replacing one of those was doable, but both? I think my build is just gonna have an empty slot now or else a skill that I just flat out don’t use.

And while I’m whining, let me just say that it’s frustrating that resistances are still as massively misleading as they are. Setting aside that I’ve never forgiven the move away from the way more interesting and unique mechanic the game had before it switched to percent resistances, they’re just completely misleading to new (and even experienced) players since they don’t provide the DR that they say they do. 75% resist once you reach endgame is worth less than 50% DR and that is SO unintuitive.

Whining aside, some nice changes in this patch. My Assemble Abomination Necromancer is gonna have some fun.

What is the asterisk at the end indicating?

Maybe it’s a typo. The “enter” button and the " * " button are really close on some keyboards.

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Not sure what asterisk you are referring to :wink:


It literally tells you they, and others, are decreased because of the zone level. If it’s intuitive it’s because someone can’t/didn’t read it. It’s no different to someone not getting why they lost 60 of their resistances in PoE after completing act 10 after they’d been told in the chat window for the 2nd time that you’re afflicted by a curse.

Not seeing this change reflected in the in-game skill description. In-game skill description still says 20

They wanted to buff permanent minions, yet they nerf them and buff temporary minions. As bad as GGG.

The game is balanced around the player having 0 resists after area level 75, this means that 1% shred or being 1% under cap makes you take 1% more damage, rather than the 4% more you’d take by being at 74% in PoE.

Except that that isn’t what it say or does. So the fact that you think that means there’s a problem by your own words. It doesn’t lower your resists according to area level. If it did that like how PoE does it wouldn’t be unintuitive. Your resists are being lowered from 75% to a lower number so you get more. That’s how it works in PoE and that IS simple and intuitive. In Last Epoch your resists are at 75%, and unless you get hit with a shred effect they stay there. The monsters however gain Resistance Piercing. 1% per area level up to 75%. Meaning that unlike just about every other game like this in the world, having a listed 75% Fire Resistance does NOT lower the Fire damage you take by 75% compared to if you had 0% Resistance. It lowers it by 43%. Which is just silly game design. Silly game design that sticks out because the rest of the game is just so solidly designed.

Gonna point out that NEITHER OF THOSE are intuitive.

POE: “1% resist from 74 to 75 = 4 % less damage.” Mathematically correct but hardly intuitive.
LE: “All monsters have adaptive piercing = to area level up to 75 so you have 75% resist and they have 75% piercing so you’re taking 43% less damage because at 0 resist you’d be taking 75% MORE damage.” Yeahhhh… Got it.

LE is certainly LESS intuitive on paper… BUT: that was implemented so that capping resists didn’t feel like a mandatory step on every single character which would further homogenize builds so I get why they went with it, and more importantly it worked. We can build chars with varying levels of resistance while taking advantage of damage conversion, endurance, glancing blows, crit avoidance (and crit damage reduction but that should just go away).

The original resist system was just terrible and personally I’m glad it’s gone.

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Does that mean if u have 76res on 75 level your res is 1?

No, getting resistance above the 75% cap does not do anything in regards to penetration (but it does protect you from resistance shred, but I have no idea what mobs shred anything other than armor). Not sure if it protects you any from “Marked for Death” ailment.

I appreciate Static Orb having a node that makes it explode on impact. Will play around with it :slight_smile:

Edit: Well - it still explodes at the cursor location if there isn’t an enemy in its way. I thought it would work similar to Fireball, but that was more wishful thinking than what the node actually states.


In a perfect world. This will likely migrate to the guide eventually.

You’re doing the comparator the wrong way round. The game is balanced around you having 75% resists, not 0% resists. Therefore you should be doing 175/100 (which = 75% DR compared to not having any resist) not 100/175 (which is the 43% DR you’re talking about).

This was argued about an aweful lot back when they changed from protections (which I liked 'cause they were different) to resists.

@lonnieep84 Overcap does protect you from shred & Mark for Death.

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Divine…work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not digging the wraith limit for same reason as the vomit zombies. Prior to the change you could just stand back and spam… Now if you keep spamming the minions will just go poof before they get to do anything.

So stop spamming them?