Rune Prisons and Experimental Items | Coming in Runes of Power


Happy Sunday, Travelers! Welcome to the 0.9.2 Pre-patch Blog Post covering the new Rune Prisons and Experimental Items coming this Thursday in Runes of Power!

An area we’ve felt is in need of improvement with respect to Last Epoch’s endgame system is the moment-to-moment gameplay of completing Echoes. This isn’t something we feel can be fixed by any single change, however we’re still looking to improve this aspect of gameplay piece by piece. By introducing more random events that can happen in an Echo, it can help to reduce the ‘sameness’ of each Echo, and feel like a much more dynamic experience. The first random encounter we’re introducing this Thursday is Rune Prisons.

Rune Prisons

Rune Prisons are a special type of encounter you can find in any Monolith Echo, as well as most campaign areas. While making your way through the world and Eras of Eterra, you may find yourself coming across a large floating prism held in place with chains. The intermittent shudders betray the power that lies within these prisons.

By clicking on a Rune Prison, you will unleash the Exiled Mage held within, who will become immediately hostile to both you and any enemies in the area. These Exiled Mages will spawn with a random set of abilities, so you never quite know exactly what you will be facing when you break them out - but always be ready for a fight.

If you manage to defeat this Exiled Mage, you will be rewarded with an Experimental item, and potentially, at higher levels, a Rune of Research.

Experimental Items

Experimental Items are a new class of items being introduced in Runes of Power. These are items which at first glance may appear to be a standard Magic, Unique, or Exalted item. However on closer inspection you’ll notice they come with a very special affix. These Experimental Affixes cannot by crafted or found through normal means, and are typically only found on items dropped by an Exiled Mage.

These experimental affixes can even roll exalted, as well as the potential for other affixes on the item to roll as Exalted. This means that yes, you can in fact craft a Legendary Item using Experimental Affixes!

At higher levels, you may also find a very special crafting item dropped by an Exiled Mage: a Rune of Research.

Experimental Crafting

Successfully defeating an Exiled Mage above level 70 has a chance to drop a Rune of Research. This Rune will seal an Experimental Affix on an Experimental item. This obeys normal Sealed Affix rules, in that an item can only have one Sealed Affix.

When sealing an experimental affix through the use of a Rune of Research, you have a chance to receive a particularly powerful crafting item, a Glyph of Insight. When this glyph is used to upgrade a normal affix, it will change it into an Experimental Affix. This process is deterministic based on the item.

This means if you have two of the exact same item, it will always produce the same Experimental Affix. Determining what exactly an item needs for each possible Experimental Affix however is something that may require a bit of… experimentation.

One-shot and Lost Caches

That’s all for today’s Pre-Patch Blog Post taking a look at Rune Prisons, and we hope everyone’s excited for this entirely new type of item and crafting mechanic coming in just four more days on September 7th.

Join us again tomorrow for a look into One-shot Caches, Lost Caches, and some general improvements for Monolith Echoes coming in Beta Patch 0.9.2 Runes of Power!


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Seems pretty cool, I like it

:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

What are the chances of sealing experimental affix?

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The best part about this is not this system on its own, but that EHG fully reckons, there is a deficiency that needs to be dealt with over time.
The bolded part is the important one.

I can’t wait for this aspect to get better and better with even more new things.

Other than that can’t wait to sink my time into these new endgame crafting/loot options.

That is great, while it does probably generate some level of power creep, this at least still makes uniques with LP and experimental items relevant for slots that have really cool experimental affixes.

I feel like this is a great conccept, but I can already see people crying about how “unfair” it is to waste ressources first to then find out what they need to do to acheive certain things.

I feel like many people will wait until everything is datamined or tested out.
Will this be able to be datamined or will this be a community effort to find out?

HYPE Even more MoF goodness


A Rune of Research will always seal an experimental affix on an experimental item.


It is not a chance, it simply seals it (only works if there are no sealed affixes on the item already).
The Rune of Research is a high end crafting material, so very different comapred to Glyph of Despair, which is more or less only a medium/high material.

The only thing that is not guaranteed with the Rune of Research is the creation of a Glyph of Insight.

So this basically makes both of the new crafting optiosn very deterministic and not so “random”.

EDIT: Kain was faster -.,.-


And you added more accuracy :slight_smile: The cost of speed, haha.

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Is it possible to make legendary out of Experimental item with exalted seald affix?

I feel like rather then unfair, it creates an unfun situation where players need to squint at some third party website to determine exactly what they are gonna turn what into.

Im not really sure of the appeal it adds to the game in that regards.

Wasnt a core reason the crafting system was changed from the shatter/fracturing system because the percentages and way it worked were a bit obtuse and people didnt understand that three 80% chances in a row is not actually that good of odds?

So now we have a potentially rare material that is “deterministic” if you have memorized some obtuse system or use a third party website.

This is the only part of the system I dont like, if you know what you are doing, you will be able to have more control over your items, and if you dont you just waste a precious material.

Do we really need crafting to now be a memory game?

Sealed affixes are not used for Legendary crafting, only affixes. So if you seal an Exalted Experimental affix, it would not be able to be chosen for the Legendary outcome.

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Yes. " This means that yes, you can in fact craft a Legendary Item using Experimental Affixes!"

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Veknognitoo was asking for sealed affixes.

But sealed affixes are ignored in the process of legendary crafting.

  1. Can you use more than 1 glyph of insight on the same items? I.E. upgrade 3 normal affixes into Experimental affixs?

if so,

  1. Would this produce multiple of the same affix?

Experiment = Check from websites for guides and all stuff before hand. :smiley:

One thing more can Glyph of Insight upgrade affix in to exalted experimental affix?

Normal crafting rules still apply. You need to be able to upgrade an affix to use a Glyph of Insight on it, so a Glyph of Insight could only be used with a maximum of a T4 affix. However what experimental affix might result and at what tier … /shrug


This is SOOO hype!! Thank you, this looks amazing! Please keep adding random encounters to echoes!! Some more before 1.0 will go a very long way to keeping them enjoyable and exciting!

does this mean that Glyph of insight can upgrade randomly from lets say T2 to T5 or even higher maybe to have T6,7 or even T8? Well that would be sick and it would be a chase crafting material since you can make legendaries by crafting first T6+ and then combine it with uniques hopefully I am right this really would be sick