Rotten To The Core !Broken!

Same issue, can confirm controller trick works for me as well. Thanks!

My hero. Thanks!

This should be fixed for everyone in the new 0.9i3 update, please download it and try again. Sorry about the delay!

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This bug is still existing in game, after Rising flames update .

Thanks to you, I’ve just tried it with the pad and it works perfectly! :+1:

Still broken with latest patch, can’t click or hover over it.

This bug did indeed manage to slip back into the game. We’ve got a fix for this internally, we’ll get it into a hotfix. Sorry about that!

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Just checking in on this. Any word on when a fix will be implemented?

Three duplicates for this bug in 0.9.1:

still broken 16 days after this!

Please fix this devs, 2days since you said “We’ve got a fix for this internally, we’ll get it into a hotfix.”

How is this not fixed yet…impressive.

dont fix

hey, 1.5 months have passed since the first post, maybe it’s time to fix it?

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Please fix the damn node, i need it for my build

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+1 bugged

Still bugged…

33 hours till D4. Will this get patched first?

This is fixed again now in 0.9.1c, our apologies. This node was fixed during the 0.9 release cycle but it regressed with 0.9.1. We will investigate why this problem re-surfaced.


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