Rollback after disconnecting from the game

After playing multiple hours today and leveling/progressing my online character ‘BooBoo’ was rollbacked.
All progressed levels/gear and progression(monolith’s) lost.

I was in-game and after stepping away from my pc for a bit i returned to a message that i had been disconnected.(i don’t remember the exact wording)
After logging back in the rollback had happened.

I appreciate that this is a beta but this kind of bug makes me want to stop playing entirely.
Especially losing item progression in this type of game is an extreme mood killer.


Hi. I have the same problem, with a 3 hours session aprox. I lost all progress after a disconnect prompt.

Same thing just happened to me about 30 minutes from making this post. Lost a lot of hours worth of gear and progress at 90. Is there any way I can get this fixed?

Had something similar.
Tried to do some Arena fights.
After first 10 waves i got tp’d to another location where i died instantly. Pressed ‘respawn’ and got tp’d to Champions’ Gate where my character was still laying dead and couldn’t move.
I have tried to tp to another location to fix this, but after some time of loading i’ve got an error saying that connection was lost and got kicked to login menu. After logging in i’ve realised that my character was rolled back to lvl 90 where i was lvl 92 or 93 (3 or 4 hours of gameplay). All progress in echo and items aquired during this time has been lost.

Got disconnected on 80 level trying to join echo in Fall of the empire. Logged back and got rollbacked 1+ levels and 160k gold and some gear ofc.

Had the same issue. Lost 6 hours of monolith progress and crucial weapon upgrade.

same here ~3h

Same thing happen to me lost several hours is this something that can be fixed?

Character name

Lost all progression from yesterday, didn’t even disconnect just closed the game normally.

Lost all progression from yesterday :frowning: this is very frustrating

Hey folks

Might be you were caught in the outage at EHG supplier in Frankfurt (3am CST): Discord

If you are still experiencing data loss issues, you can report this to EHG Support Team here :

Pick ‘Technical Issues’ from the drop down and provide your:

  • Display Name
  • Character Name
  • Date & Time you noticed the loss (with your time zone or UTC)
  • What type of data was lost
  • How much gameplay time was lost