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Road to 1.0 - July 2021 Development Update

The cosmetic/MTX system will come before release. We have wireframes created, backend 80% complete, next is UI implementation and hooking up the API, UX testing, then the paintovers. I believe (currently, subject to change) that this may be implemented in just a couple patch cycles from now.


Voice of reason. This is my number 1 concern for any and all new games-as-service IPs after a couple releases over the last year/year and a half. As you said even large and established studios have been fumbling the ball. First impressions are always the most important.

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Is MP going to have a VPN-accessible client? There are other MMO’s that do not allow this and I prefer security over dropping my drawers to the rest of the internet. At least with the current off-line state, it does not matter since I am not connecting to the servers, and login is used for tracking purposes.

Keep up the good work!

Dear developers, can u confirm that offline mode will be without needing to login? Thank u for your answer

This is planned since the very start and already has been re-confirmed plenty of times.

Yes it will be fully playable offline.

There are way too many posts to quote, but here is the most recent one from Trasochi, their Lead Developer:

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Brilliant stuff, all very exciting for the future.
Please, please, do not change your approach, cave in to peer pressure, and release anything that you are not completely happy with internally.
We’ve all seen in recent games how that pans out, and it’s not good at all.
From a personal perspective, I agree with the Dev Team’s perspective; and I would rather wait until next year for MP and have a smooth polished release than have a rushed and buggy one.

The answer to that is the same as every other time you’ve asked & we/the devs have answered. nothing has changed in this regard.

Yes, the devs are intended to have a proper offline mode (no login required) so that you’d be able to play it while on your merchant seaman voyages. It may not happen at the same time as multiplayer is launched but from memory it should be before launch.

Bit of a typo there, since he wants/needs offline…

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woops, of course i meant offline >.>

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Thank u and Llama for ypur answer in that case im really looking forward to thia release and im gonna play it for a long time to come c

I can’t find it, but i remember Mike saying in one of the dev streams, that it is very likely that true offline mode will already be available once multiplayer releases, so you might not need to wait for “release” to already use that feature.

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He said it’d be available after multiplayer is released, not necessarily in the same patch.

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I never said (i accidentally did, but corrected it in my previous post) it will happen in the exact same patch, only that there is a very good liklehood of it being avaialble before “release”

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WOW! such a long detailed information post is one of the things i love about EHG! keep the hard work! THANKS!

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Here is the video I believe @Heavy is referencing (it should start at the correct point of the video, but if not go to 1:26:42):

Offline Mode Question